Right to Publish Policy

The Right to Publish Policy is the Research Foundation's implementation of the State University of New York's Publication Policy. The Research Foundation for SUNY adheres to the resolution adopted in 1966 by the Board of Trustees of the State University to the effect that any sponsored programs conducted by personnel of State University of New York employed in State-operated universities or colleges of State University-conducted premises must be unrestricted in the public dissemination of the conduct, progress and results of such sponsored programs. Any justifiable exceptions to this policy require review by the Board of Trustees. There should be no limitations or restrictions as to public dissemination of the progress or the results of any project affiliated in any way with the State University of New York, whether financed with State funds or from grants from Federal or private agencies. No support should be accepted contrary to this resolution.

Project Directors are cautioned not to enter into agreements which require (force or compel) project results or materials to be published. They should consult with the Office for Research for instructions in this area.