Publications Policy

SUNY publication policy regarding the dissemination of sponsored program information is set forth in Board of Trustee's Resolution number TR-66-258. It states:

Any research or research-related programs conducted by personnel of the University, carried out in State- operated universities or colleges or on University-controlled premises, shall be unrestricted as to the dissemination publicly of the conduct, progress, and results of such research or research-related programs.

Any projects which might be considered justifiable exceptions to the policy or might require review because of extenuating factors shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees for review and final decision.

This policy precludes the University from engaging in classified research.

The University and Foundation will not accept any sponsored program which denies the University the right to divulge the source of support or to publish the results of the research. However, the University may agree to: exclude sponsor-provided privileged information from such publication; submit the proposed publication to the sponsor for review prior to the publication; delay publication