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Latest update--Oct. 29, 2013

Support for the death penalty falls to 3-decade low

Half of those surveyed believe it is applied fairly in the U.S.


Oct. 24, 2013

Support for marijuana legalization takes unprecedented leap


Oct. 10, 2013

Alcohol arrests, trend and in each State

Federal prisoners, offenses and sex, race, citizenship


Sept. 12, 2013

Antitrust cases in Federal courts--30+ year trend

Terrorism cases in Federal courts since 9/11


August 28, 2013

Death sentences--time between imposition of sentence and execution, 30+ year trend

Death sentences--outcome of sentences (i.e., execution, other death, court action, etc.), 35+ year trend

Prisoners--number and rate by sex, trend data back to 1925

Prisoners--incarceration rates by State, 30+ year trend


August 14, 2013

--State governments' expenditures for correctional functions


July 24, 2013

--Black persons' perceptions of unfair treatment by police

--Public approval levels of U.S. Supreme Court


July 12, 2013

--Jail inmates: population counts, characteristcs, and type of supervision program.

--More on jail inmates


June 19, 2013

--State prisoners: current offense by sex, race, and Hispanic origin

--See these data for earlier years


June 12, 2013

--Law enforcement officers killed by circumstances at the scene

--Suspects identified in the killing of law enforcement officers

--Law enforcement officers assaulted and weapons used

--Federal officers assaulted


June 5, 2013

--Law enforcement officers killed feloniously and accidentally

--characteristics of officers

--Trend data: 50 years of officer deaths


May 30, 2013

--Public views of honesty and ethics of police officers and lawyers

--and compared to other occupations


May 22, 2013

--Outcomes of juveniles taken into police custody

--Weapons used in robberies and aggravated assaults

--Place of occurrence of robbery incidents


May 15, 2013

--Attitudes toward the death penalty: trends and by characteristics

--Persons arrested: age group and sex


May 8, 2013

Public opinion on terrorism:

--Confidence in government to protect citizens

--Worries that there will soon be another terrorist attack in the U.S


May 1, 2013

--Under-custody population: State and Federal prisoners and local jail inmates

--Juveniles (under 18) in State prisones

--Non-citizens in State prisones

--Prisoners held under military authorities


Apr. 10, 2013

--Aliens apprehended and deported


Apr. 4, 2013

--25-year favorabilty rating of U.S. Supreme Court

--Background checks and reasons for rejection

--Laws to protect the environment


Mar. 28, 2013

--Law enforcement--total employees (civilian and sworn), sworn officers, percent male and female

--Murder victims by age, race, and sex


Mar. 20, 2013

FBI offenses known, murder and nonnegligent manslaughter:

-- by region, and age of victim

-- victim-offender relationship

-- sex, race, and age of victim

-- sex and race of victim vs. sex and race of offender


Mar. 13, 2013

FBI arrest data:

--offenses cleared by arrest

--offenses cleared by arrest of persons under age 18

--arson offenses cleared


Mar. 7, 2013

Public attitudes toward:

--illegal immigration policies: main priority and importance of timely action

--the U.S. Supreme Court: overall opinion, trends

More on immigration and the U.S. Supreme Court


Feb. 27, 2013

Public attitudes toward:

--dealing with illegal immigration, trend data and this year

--which is more important, protecting right to own guns or controlling gun ownership

More on guns and immigration


Feb. 20, 2013

Gun ownership rates--a 50-year trend

Public attitudes toward:

--sale of firearms generally

--better enforcement of current gun laws vs. creating new gun laws

--restricting handgun possession

--prohibiting assault rifles

--requiring background checks at gun shows and banning high-capacity clips

More on guns


Feb. 13, 2013

Beliefs about future acts of terrorism and nuclear terrorism

Opinions about civil liberties and terrorists

More on terrorism and public opinion


Feb. 6, 2013

Criminal aliens removed from the U.S.


Jan. 31, 2013

Salaries of State court judges

See judges' salary data for earlier years


Jan. 24, 2013

Public opinion on the legality of abortion spanning nearly 40 years

And see how these opinions differ across demographic characteristics


Jan. 2, 2013

Parents and children reporting safety concerns at schools

Public attitudes toward the legality of gay and lesbian relations