Internship Program

Director of internship program: Sam Friedman 

SOC 490: Internship in Sociology

SOC 490 provides an Internship Program for students who wish to acquire experience in a field or area related to sociology which interests them, perhaps linked to future career possibilities. It offers a form of "applied sociology," in which students can relate their academic knowledge to practical experience. The Internship Program has two related but distinct components: 1) placement as an intern in a field setting, and 2) an academic component.

Students typically intern in a work setting with an agency or organization outside the University. A variety of potential placements are available, including such areas as health and human services, lobbying and advocacy groups, and law and criminal justice. Ordinarily interns can expect a time commitment equivalent to 8-10 hours per week during the semester.

Students will also meet once a week in a 1-hour per week session with the Internship Director and the other students enrolled in the course to meet the academic expectations of the Internship Program. The specific content is outlined in the course syllabus, but students can expect it to include readings, oral presentations and discussion, and a written component (10-15 page paper).

SOC 490 is a 3-credit semester course, graded on an S/U basis. Students must have permission of the Internship Director to register for the course, and may take SOC 490 only once for credit. Students applying to the Internship Program should have senior standing; have completed SOC 115, SOC 220, SOC 221, SOC 235, and at least one course that directly relates to their internship; and have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or above. These eligibility criteria may be applied flexibly at the discretion of the Internship Director if sufficient spaces are available. Internships are reserved for Sociology majors.