Intended Majors

Informational Guide

The following informational guide provides some basic guidelines for intended sociology majors who have not met with a Sociology faculty advisor. (click here for printable PDF)

REQUIREMENTS: Students who have completed A SOC 115 (Introduction to Sociology), A SOC 220 (Introduction to Social Research), and A SOC 235 (Sociological Theory) with grades of C or better in the latter two courses may officially declare their major in sociology. Those who do not meet the specified criteria for admission may retake either or both courses in order to achieve the minimum grade of C. Intended sociology majors are strongly encouraged to complete these requirements as early as possible so that they may declare their major and receive advisement from their assigned faculty advisors. Students cannot register for a 400-level seminar until they have met all four of the core requirements (including A SOC 221 Statistics for Sociologists or its equivalent).

Students are also strongly recommended to review the general checklist of Sociology degree requirements which is located in the departmental kiosk next to AS351 or on this website.
Printed descriptions of all sociology courses will also be made available in the main department office before each semester.

ADVISEMENT: Once they have declared their major, students will be assigned a faculty advisor in the Sociology Department who will be available to provide advisement on their major requirements during office hours or by appointments only. Students may find out their assigned advisor, which is indicated on the top of their Degree Audit Report (DARs) on MyUalbany. (Office hours are posted on the departmental website under the faculty member’s profile; appointments outside office hours may be arranged directly with the faculty advisor.) (click here for printable PDF)

SOCIOLOGY 400: When students are prepared to take a 400 level seminar (usually in their senior year), they MUST sign up in the main department office at AS351. The Chair’s Assistant will check to make sure they have met the requirements and then email them a permission number, which they can use to register for the course.

If students have any other questions or concerns that cannot be addressed by their faculty advisor, they are free to contact the Undergraduate Director Angie Chung during office hours or via email.