Career Opportunities

A Sociology major is an excellent basic education for various occupations and professions. Sociology can provide a rich pool of knowledge and many distinctive ways of looking at the world so as to generate new ideas and assess the old. Sociology can give undergraduates a basic standard preparation for career options in all the fields listed below

Mass Communications Analysis, Motivational Research, Public Opinion Polls

Banking and Finance
Community Relations, Customer Relations, Employee Relations, Organizational Planning,
Personnel Administration

Consumer Research, Labor Relations, Employee Relations, Mass Communications Analysis, Public Opinion Polls

Criminal Justice
Law Enforcement, Criminology, Delinquency Prevention, Penology and Corrections, Probation & Parole, Court Administration, Private Security

Area Studies, Community Relations, Customer Relations, Employee Relations, Population Studies, Public Health

Community Relations, Employment Interviewing, Customer Relations, Employee Relations, Industrial Sociology, Labor Relations, Motivational Research, New Business Research, Organizational Planning, Personnel Administration, Manpower Resource Studies

Consumer Research, Motivational Research, Population Administration

Consumer Research, Customer Relations, Personnel Administration

Medical Services
Alcoholism& Drug Abuse, Addiction Research, Community Relations, Employee Relations, Hospital Casework, Medical Sociology, Organizational Planning, Public Health

Social Services & Government
Child Welfare, Social Work, Community Agency, Community Planning & Development, Community Organization, Family Welfare, Group Interaction, Housing Studies, Interviewing (non-diagnostic), Manpower Resource Studies, Minority Group & Race Relations Studies, Population Studies, Public Welfare/Housing, Casework, Race relations, Urban Planning

Used with permission of the Department of Sociology, Beloit College, Beloit Wisconsin