Social Demography

The graduate program in the Department of Sociology is particularly strong in social demography. Many faculty members focus the majority of their research on social demographic issues. We have strong ties with the Center for Social and Demographic Analysis. Directors and Associate Directors of the Center have been sociology faculty members and many students have received valuable research experience there. Students may take any of the following relevant courses, may pursue the Demography Certificate, and may choose to focus on demography for one of their specialization examinations at the doctoral level or for a master's thesis or dissertation topic.

Demography Courses in the Sociology Department

  • Soc 551: Introduction to Demography
  • Soc 552: Demographic Techniques
  • Soc 607: Demography Internship
  • Soc 665: Special Topics in Demography (various topics including fertility, mortality, migration, families and households, residential segregation, economic development and others)

Demography-related courses in the Sociology Department

  • Soc 550: The American Community
  • Soc 560: Families
  • Soc 575: Ethnicity and Race
  • Soc 622: Survival Analysis
  • Soc 627: Urbanization
  • Soc 640: Gender Inequality
  • Soc 673: Human Ecology
  • Soc 662: Sociology of Aging

Demography-related courses in other departments

  • Ant 511: Human Population Biology
  • Ant 512: Human Population Genetics
  • Gog 556: Snowbelt/Sunbelt: Regional Change in the United States
  • Pln 502: Urban and Regional Structure
  • Pln 561: Comparative Urbanization and Spatial Development

Faculty in Demography: Brandon, Deane, Denton, Friedman, GubernskayaHorton, Liang, South, Spitze, Strully, Trent, Yang

Center for Social and Demographic Analysis
The Center for Social and Demographic Analysis (CSDA) is a multi-disciplinary research unit with connections to several departments, schools, and colleges on the University at Albany campus. CSDA provides extensive support for population-related research by social scientists at the University. CSDA’s Computing/Statistical Core supports a state-of -the-art computing environment, including a UNIX network, with several SUN Work stations; a NOVELL network with PC access; printing and plotting facilities. CSDA’s information/Data Services Core maintains a collection of reference materials, census materials, dataset documentation, and selected journals. The Administrative Core is responsible for managing the Center’s accounts, as well as planning special functions such as colloquia, workshops, and conferences. Professor Richard Alba is Director of the Center and Professor Nancy Denton is Associate Director. For additional information about the Center, visit CSDA’s website at:

Certificate Program in Demography

The Certificate in Demography at the University at Albany is a graduate program designed both for students already enrolled in graduate programs in social science, public policy, or others and for members of the community who wish to learn more about demography. The program focuses on how population processes such as fertility, mortality, and migration operate in societies and how they interrelate with other social processes.

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Graduates of the program will emerge with both the sound theoretical background and practical abilities to play an active role in demographic demographic research and/or decision making. Students will acquire:

  • a general appreciation of the importance of demographic structure and change for both developed and developing societies
  • demographic analysis skills, such as population forecasting, life table construction, and other techniques
  • knowledge of how to access and interpret the vast wealth of demographic data

Because of the unique design of this program and the growing recognition of the importance of demography, the Certificate program should prove useful to students with diverse backgrounds, from those with an awareness of the relevance of demography for their research interests to employees of government and the private sector who frequently work with demographic data.

The Certificate in Demography is a self-standing program of l8 credit hours. It may be undertaken alone, or in conjunction with M.A., M.S., or Ph.D. programs through the Sociology Department or other departments. Requirements for the program include SOC 551, SOC 552, and at least two semesters of SOC 665 (or one semester of SOC 665 and one semester of SOC 607).

The additional credit hours may be fulfilled by repeating SOC 665 (on different topics) or by taking demography related courses in the Sociology Department or other departments. In addition to the 18-credit requirement, all students are expected to have completed one graduate statistics course in sociology or a related field.

-- December 2018