Where Are They Now?

Recent Graduate Alumni Placements

Over the years, UAlbany Sociology Department PhD’s have taught at the University of Washington, Penn State University, Ohio State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, UCLA, University of Minnesota, Florida State University, University of Iowa, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Syracuse University, University of Georgia, SUNY Buffalo, Georgia State University, and the University of Arkansas, as well as a variety of other jobs at colleges as well as non-academic research settings.  Below we list some of the placements of alumni who earned their PhDs during the past few years.


2018 Ying Huang  University of Texas, San Antonio                
Gowoon Jung  Kyung Hee University (Seoul, South Korea)
Lei Lei  Rutgers University
Susana Muniz Moreno  University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
Meghan O'Neil  University of Michigan
Colleen Wynn  University of Indianapolis
2017 Kristen Hourigan  California State University, Los Angeles

Zhaojin Lu  Nanjing University (China)

Laura Milanes  Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia)

Allen Wong  Wentworth Institute of Technology
 Rak Koo Chung  Instructor, University at Albany

 Anibal Gauna Peralta  Andres Bello Catholic University

 Colin Gruner  NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services

 Andrew Horvitz  SUNY New Paltz

Jiejin Li  Department of Public Health Sciences, Univ. of Rochester

 Jing Li  Zhejiang University

Sylwia Piatkowska  Old Dominion University

 Lina Rincon  Framingham State University

 Qian (Jasmine) Song  Department of Gerontology, Univ. of Massachusetts, Boston
 Ilir Disha  Pace University

 Joseph Gibbons  San Diego State University

 Kirsten Lauber  U.S. Government Accountability Office

 Joshua McCabe  Postdoc, Wellesley College

 Nicole Michaud Wild  Mount Holyoke College

 Suzanne Strong  Bureau of Justice Statistics
 Lauren Bryant  University at Albany Department of Communications

 Kelly McGeever  University of Hartford

 Brian McKernan  The Sage Colleges

 Matthias Revers  University of Leeds (UK)

 Geoff Wood
 University of Pittsburg at Greensburg
 2013  Michael Barton
 Louisiana State University

 Paul Calarco, Jr.
 Hudson Valley Community College

 Carolyn Corrado
 SUNY New Paltz

 Chris Galvan  US Census Bureau

 Reese Kelly
 Office of Pluralism and Leadership, Dartmouth College

 Suzanne Macartney
 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

 Alexander McClung  Institutional Research, Drew University

 Renee Overdyke  Instructor, University at Albany, RPI

 Nicholas Pagnucco  Delaware State University

 Bryan Robinson  University of Mount Union
 Lin Guo    University of Texas MD

 Erica Hunter    Research Foundation, SUNY

 Reese Kelly
 Dartmouth College

 Suzanne Macartney
 U.S. Health and Human Services

 Kim Nazi
 Department of Veterans Affairs

 Nicholas Pagnucco
 Delaware State University

 Lauren Porter  University of Maryland (Fall)

 Elizabeth D. Schilling
 Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College

 Jessica Singer
 Utica College

 Matt Vogel
 University of Missouri -- St. Louis

 Jingsi Christina Wu  Hofstra University

 Yue (Angela) Zhou  St. John’s University
 Gabriel Aquino
 Westfield State University

 Edward Cole
 Lane College

 Scott Dolan
 Excelsior College

 Jeanine Hanna
 Advocates for Potential Research and Evaluation Center

 Paul Knudson  University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

 Brian McKenzie  
 U.S. Census Bureau

 Daniel Santore  
 Montgomery College

 Tamara Smith
 Westfield State University
 2010  Marios Agrotes
 Research Consultant & Analyst

 Miao David Chunyu
 University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

 China Layne
 U.S. Census Bureau

 Jeremy Pais  University of Connecticut

 E. Sean Rintel   
 The University of Queensland, Australia

 Joseph Sullivan
 Northwestern University

 Karen I. Tejada-Pena
 University of Hartford

 Jacqueline Villarrubia
 Colgate University
 Laura Bunyan
 University of Connecticut at Stamford

 Paul Denvir
 Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

 Joleen L. Greenwood  Kutztown University

 Lindsay Hixson  U.S. Census Bureau

 Heather Sullivan-Catlin
 SUNY Potsdam
 2008  Lindsay Hixson  U.S. Census Bureau

 Minjeong Kim
 San Diego State University

 Toni A. Lang 
 New York State Permanent Judicial Commission on Justice for Children

 Jynette Larshus Thompson 
 Minot State University

 Laura Mills 
 Research Scientist, United States Government

 Shannon M. Monnat 
 Syracuse University

 Hideki Morooka  Fayetteville State University

 Hyoung-jin Shin  Kyungpook National University

 Peter Shrock
 Southeastern Louisiana State University

 Roberto Velez-Velez  
 SUNY New Paltz
 2007  Enobong Branch 
 University of Massachusetts-Amherst

 Marcia Hernandez
 University of the Pacific

 Michael Ostrowsky  Southern Utah University

 Polly Smith  Utica College

 Lori Sykes  Louisiana State University
 2006  James Deant 
 Sonoma State University

 Jennifer Gunsaullus
 Relationship Counselor and Sex Educator

 Christopher Morett  Scheduling and Space Management, Rutgers University;
Sloan Center on Aging and Work, Boston College