Faculty Achievements

The Department of Sociology at UAlbany is very proud its extensive faculty acheivements. Many of our faculty have received University awards and other recognition for their teaching, research, and academic service. It is our faculty’s strong record of scholarly accomplishment that has led to national recognition and stature for the Department.

Awards from the American Sociological Association

Elizabeth Popp Berman 

  • Max Weber Award for Distinguished Scholarship, Section on Organizations, Occupations, and Work, American Sociological Association - 2013
  • Pierre Bourdieu Award, Sociology of Education Section, American Sociological Association - 2013
  • Co-winner, Star-Nelkin Paper Award, Section on Science, Knowledge and Technology, American Sociological Association - 2013

Joanna Dreby 

  • William J. Goode Book Award, Family Section, American Sociological Association - 2011
  • Thomas & Znaniecki Book Award, International Migration Section, American Sociological Association - 2011
  • Best Article Award, International Migration Section, American Sociological Association- 2013

Awards from Other Professional Associations

Elizabeth Popp Berman
President’s Book Award, Social Science History Association - 2011

Christine Bose 
Distinguished Feminist Lecturer, Sociologists for Women in Society - 2014

Joanna Dreby  
Book Award, Association for Humanist Sociology - 2011

Zoya Gubernskaya  
Blue Ribbon Poster Award, Population Association of American - 2012

Steve Messner
Fellow, American Society of Criminology - since 2002

Scott South 
Elected member, Sociological Research Association - since 2005

University Awards

Excellence in Teaching

  • Glenn Deane 2011-2012
  • Joanne Kaufman 2010-2011

Excellence in Academic Service

  • Karyn Loscocco - 2011-2012

Collins Fellows

  • Christine E. Bose - since 1992
  • Steven Messner - since 2007
  • Glenna Spitze - since 2004

Chancellor Awards

Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

  • Steven Messner - 2011

Excellence in Faculty Service

  • Karyn Loscocco - 2011-2012

Excellence in Teaching

  • Glenn Deane - 2011-2012
  • Joanne M. Kaufman - 2010-2011

Presidencies of Professional Societies

Christine Bose
President, Eastern Sociological Society - 2010-2011

Steven F. Messner
President, American Society of Criminology - 2010-2011

Other Elected Offices in Professional Societies

Elizabeth Popp Berman
Council member, Section on Science, Knowledge, and Technology, American Sociological Association - 2009-2012

Angie Y. Chung
Council Member, Asia and Asia America Section, American Sociological Association - 2007-2010
Secretary Treasurer, International Migration Section, American Sociological Association - 2006-2009

Hayward Derrick Horton
Member, Nominations Committee, Association of Black Sociologists - 2007-2009

Ronald Jacobs
Chair, International Sociological Association RC 16 - Theory - 2010-2014
Secretary/Treasurer, International Sociological Association RC 16 - Theory - 2006-2010

David Wagner
Secretary-Treasurer, Mathematical Sociology Section, American Sociological Association - 2009-2013

Editorial Positions

Elizabeth Popp Berman
Editorial Board, Journal of Technology Transfer - 2011-present
Editorial Board, Sociological Theory -    -present

Christine E. Bose
Editorial Board, Latino Research Review - 1995-2013
Editorial Board, Race and Social Policy - 2006-2009

Nancy Denton
Editorial Board, Sociological Forum - 2007-present
Editorial Board, City and Community - 2002-present

Samantha Friedman
Editorial Advisory Board Member, Social Problems - 2008-2011 

Hayward Derrick Horton
Editorial Board, American Sociological Review - 2007-2009

Ronald Jacobs
Founder and Co-Editor, American Journal of Cultural Sociology - 2013-present
Editorial Board, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy - 2001-present
Editorial Board, Qualitative Sociology - 1999-present
Section Editor, Blackwell Compass - 2007-2011

Richard Lachmann
Associate Editor, Sociological Theory - 2007-2009
Editorial Board, Contemporary Sociology, 2013-present
Editorial Board, ASA Rose Book Series in Sociology - 2010-2012

Zai Liang
Editorial Board, Migration Studies - 2012-present
Editorial Board, Population Journal - in Chinese - 2010-present
Editorial Board, International Population Research - 2010-present

Karyn Loscocco
Editorial Board, Social Science Quarterly - 1993-present

Steven F. Messner
Co-Editor, International Journal of Conflict and Violence - 2006-present
Deputy Editor, American Sociological Review - 2006-2009
International Advisory Board, British Journal of Sociology - 2008-present
Editorial Board, International Criminal Justice Review - 2008-present
Editorial Board, Asian Journal of Criminology - 2005-present
Editorial Advisory Board, Criminology - 1992-97; 2003-06; 2007-present
Editorial Board, Homicide Studies - 1997-present
Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology - 1996-present

Scott South
Deputy Editor, Demography, - 2008-2011
Editorial Board, Journal of Marriage and the Family - 1993-1995; 2007-present
Editorial Board, City & Community - 2007-2009
Editorial Board, Social Forces - 2009-present

Glenna Spitze
Editorial Board, Journal of Marriage and the Family - 1985-present
Editorial Board, Social Science Quarterly - 1985-present
Editorial Board, Research on Aging - 1997-2010
Editorial Board, Gender Issues - 1997-2013

Kate Strully
Editorial Board, Demography - 2013-2016

David Wagner
Editorial Board, Social Psychology Quarterly - 1992-1995, 2006-2012
Editorial Board, Social Forces - 2008-present

Russell A. Ward
Editorial Board, Journal of Aging and Health - 1987-2009