Collaborative Research

Student-faculty research collaboration goes hand in hand with faculty research collaboration here at UAlbany's sociology department.

Anyone who looks at the faculty CVs will see how often faculty members co-author articles or books. The same is often true for students, both while they are studying here and after they finish their degrees. Below is a partial list of articles published during the last decade with UAlbany student-faculty co-authors. The student's name (or names) is in boldface in each entry. For the most part, the other authors are current or past faculty members in the department.

Co-authored Journal Articles

Lachmann, Richard and Lacy Mitchell. 2014. "The Changing Face of War in Textbooks: Depictions of World War II and Vietnam, 1970-2009," in Sociology of Education. Vol. 87, #3, pp. 188-203.

Alba, Richard, Glenn Deane, Nancy Denton, Illir Disha, Brian McKenzie, and Jeffrey Napierala. 2014. “The Role of Immigrant Enclaves for Latino Residential Inequalities.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 40(1): 1-20.

Applin, Samantha and Steven F. Messner.  Forthcoming.  “Her American Dream: Bringing Gender Into Institutional-Anomie Theory.”  Feminist Criminology.

Barton, Michael S., Bonnie Lynne Jensen, and Joanne M. Kaufman. 2010. “Social Disorganization Theory and the College Campus.” Journal of Criminal Justice 38:245-254.

Berman, Elizabeth Popp, and Laura M. Milanes-Reyes. 2013. “The Politicization of Knowledge Claims: The ‘Laffer Curve’ in the U.S. Congress.” Qualitative Sociology 36:53-79.

Berman, Elizabeth Popp, and Nicholas Pagnucco. 2010. “Economic Ideas and the Political Process: Debating Tax Cuts in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1962-1981.” Politics & Society 38:347-372.

Bose, Christine and Lina Rincón. 2008-2009. “Latino Migration from New York City to Albany, NY: Motivations, Socio-economic Outcomes, and Incorporation Challenges.” 
Latino(a) Research Review 7 (1-2): 91-111.

Bose, Sunita,  Katherine Trent, and Scott J. South.  2013. "The Effect of a Male Surplus on Intimate Partner Violence in India."  Economic and Political Weekly 48: 53-61

Chung, Angie Y, Irene Bloemraad, and Karen Tejada. 2013. “Reinventing an Authentic ‘Ethnic’ Politics: Ideology and Organizational Change in Koreatown and Field’s Corner.” Ethnicities13(6): 838-862[OnlineFirst version:]

Chunyu, Miao David, Zai Liang, and Yingfeng Wu. 2013. “Interprovincial Return Migration in China: Individual and Contextual-level Determinants.”  Environment and Planning A 45:2939-2958.

Crowder, Kyle,  Jeremy Pais, and Scott J. South. 2012. “Neighborhood Diversity, Metropolitan Constraints, and Household Migration” American Sociological Review 77 (June): 325-353. [PMCID: NIHMS383264]

Deane, Glenn, Steven F. Messner, Thomas D. Stucky, Kelly McGeever, and Charis E. Kubrin. 2008. “Not ‘Islands, Entire of Themselves’: Exploring the Spatial Context of City-level Robbery Rates.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology 24: 363-380.

Disha, Ilir, James Cavendish, and Ryan King. 2011. “Historical Events and Spaces of Hate: Hate Crimes against Arabs and Muslims in Post 9/11 America.” Social Problems 58(1): 21-46.

Felson, Richard B., Glenn Deane, and David P. Armstrong. 2008. “Do Theories of Crime or Violence Explain Race Differences in Delinquency?” Social Science Research 37: 624-641.

Friedman, Samantha, Hui-Shien Tsao, and Cheng Chen. 2013. “Housing Tenure and Residential Segregation in Metropolitan America.” Demography 50:1477-1498.

*Friedman, Samantha, *Joseph Gibbons, and Chris Galvan. Forthcoming. “Declining Segregation through the Lens of Neighborhood Quality: Does Middle-Class and Affluent Status Bring Equality?” Social Science Research (*authors contributed equally).

Gallant, Mary, Glenna Spitze, and Joshua G. Grove.  2010.  “Chronic illness self-care and the family lives of older adults:  A synthetic review across four ethnic groups.”  Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerentology  25:21-43. 

Gibbons, Joseph and Tse-Chuan Yang.  2014.  “Self-Rated Health and Residential Segregation:  How Does Race/Ethnicity Matter?”  Journal of Urban Health Published online 11 February 2014.

Hernandez, Donald J., Nancy A. Denton, and Victoria L. Blanchard. 2011. “Children in the United States of America: A Statistical Portrait by Race-Ethnicity, Immigrant Origins, and Language.” The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 633(1):102 -127.

Hernandez, Donald, Nancy A. Denton and Suzanne E. Macartney. 2009. “School-Age Children in Immigrant Families: A Challenging Future for America.” Teachers College Record 111(3): 2-3 ID Number: 15331. A special issue of Teachers College Record – Immigrant Families and American Schools, Jennifer Holdaway and Richard Alba, editors. 

Hernandez, Donald J., Suzanne Macartney, and Victoria L. Blanchard. 2010, Children of Immigrants: Family and Socioeconomic Indicators for Affluent Countries”, Child Indicators Research 3(4, October): 413-438.

Hernandez, Donald J., Ruby Takanishi, and Karen G. Marotz. 2009. “Life Circumstances and Public Policies for Young Children in Immigrant Families”, Early Childhood Research Quarterly24(December):487-501

Jacobs, Ronald N. and Nickie Michaud Wild. 2013. “A Cultural Sociology of The Colbert Report and The Daily Show”. American Journal of Cultural Sociology 1: 69-95.

Johnson, Kecia,  Jeremy Pais, and Scott J. South. 2012. “Minority Population Concentration and Earnings: Evidence from Fixed-Effects Models.” Social Forces 91 (September): 181-208.

Kaufman, Joanne M., Jeffrey Hall, and Michelle Zagura, 2012. “Sex, Race/Ethnicity, and Context in School-Associated Student Homicides.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence 27 (12): 2373-2390.

King, Ryan D. and Gretchen Sutton. 2013. “High Times for Hate Crimes: Explaining the Temporal Clustering of Hate-Motivated Offending.” Criminology 51(4):871-894. 

King, Ryan D., Kecia R. Johnson, and Kelly McGeever. 2010. “Demography of the Legal Profession and Racial Disparities in Sentencing.” Law and Society Review 44: 1-32.

Kubrin, Charis E., Steven F. Messner, Glenn Deane, Kelly McGeever, and Thomas D. Stucky. 2010. “Proactive Policing And Robbery Rates Across Large U.S. Cities.” Criminology 48: 57-97.

Lachmann, Richard, Emily Pain, and Anibal Gauna. 2014. “Museums in the New Gilded Age: Collector Exhibits in New York Art Museums, 1945-2010.” Poetics 42(2). 

Liang, Zai, Miao David Chunyu, Guotu Zhuang, and Wenzhen Ye. 2008. “Cumulative Causation, Market Transition, and Emigration from China.”  American Journal of Sociology. 114:706-737.

Liang, Zai, Lin Guo, and Charles Chengrong Duan. 2008. “Migration and the Well-being of Children in China.” Yale China Health Journal 5:25-46.

Liang, Zai and Miao David Chunyu. 2013. “Domestic and International Migration from China: Migration Networks, Selectivity, and Rural Political Economy.” Population Studies 67(2)209-223.

Liang, Zai, Jiejin Li, Zhongdong Ma. 2013. “Migration and Remittances: Evidence from a Poor Province in China.” Asian Population Studies 9(2):124-141.

Liu, Jianhong, Steven F. Messner, Lening Zhang, and Yue Zhou. 2008. “Investigating the Mechanism of Fear of Crime in Urban Chinese Communities – Role of Social Disorder.” Crime and Criminal Justice International 11 (October): 27-61.

Lu, Yao, Zai Liang, and Miao David Chunyu.  2013. “Emigration from China in Comparative Perspective.’ Social Forces 92(2):631-658.

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Loscocco, Karyn, Shannon M. Monnat, Gwen Moore and Kirsten B. Lauber.  2009. “Enterprising women:  A Comparison of Women’s and Men’s Small Business Networks.” Gender and Society 23:388-411.

McCabe, Joshua and Aaron Major. Forthcoming. “The Adversarial Politics of Fiscal Federalism:  Tax Policy and the Conservative Ascendancy in Canada, 1988-2008.” Social Science History

Messner, Steven, Mark Beaulieu, Stacey N. Isles, and Lacy Mitchell.Forthcoming.“Revisiting the Quality and Use of Race-Specific Homicide Data: Exploring Substantive Implications.” Homicide Studies.

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Pais, Jeremy, Scott J. South, and Kyle Crowder. 2012. “Metropolitan Heterogeneity and Minority Neighborhood Attainment: Spatial Assimilation or Place Stratification?” Social Problems 59 (May): 258-281. [PMCID: NIHMS373050]

Pais, Jeremy, Scott J. South, and Kyle Crowder. 2009. “White Flight Revisited: A Multiethnic Perspective on Neighborhood Out-Migration.” Population Research and Policy Review 28 (June): 321-346. [PMCID: PMC2778315]

Raffalovich, Lawrence E., Glenn D. Deane, David Armstrong, and Hui-shien Tsao. 2008. “Model Selection Procedures in Social Research: Monte‑Carlo Simulation Results.”  Journal of Applied Statistics 35: 1093-1114.

Shin, Hyoung-jin and  Zai Liang.  2012. “Ethnic Labor Market Contexts and the Earnings of Asian Immigrants.”  International Migration. Forthcoming (Dec.).

South, Scott J.., Kyle Crowder, and Jeremy Pais. 2011. “Metropolitan Structure and Neighborhood Attainment: Exploring Inter-Metropolitan Variation in Racial Residential Segregation.” Demography 48 (November): 1263-1292. [PMCID: NIHMS326401]

South, Scott J., Jeremy Pais, and Kyle Crowder. 2011. “Metropolitan Influences on Migration into Poor and Nonpoor Neighborhoods.” Social Science Research 40 (May): 950-964. [PMCID: PMC3102253]

South, Scott J., Kyle Crowder, and Jeremy Pais. 2008. “Inter-neighborhood Migration and Spatial Assimilation in a Multi-ethnic World: Comparing Latinos, Blacks and Anglos.” Social Forces 87 (September): 415-443. [PMCID: PMC2792928]

South, Scott J., Katherine Trent, and Sunita Bose. 2012.  “India’s ‘Missing Women’ and Men’s Sexual Risk Behavior.” Population Research and Policy Review 31: 777-795.

South, Scott J., Katherine Trent, and Sunita Bose. Forthcoming.  "Skewed Sex Ratios and Criminal Victimization in India." Demography.

Spitze, Glenna, Russell Ward, Glenn Deane, and Angela Zhuo Yue. 2012. “Cross-sibling effects in parent-adult child exchanges of socioemotional support.” Research on Aging 34:197-221.

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Stowell Jacob I., Steven F. Messner, Kelly McGeever, and Lawrence E. Raffalovich. 2009.“Immigration and the Recent Crime Drop in the U. S.: A Pooled, Cross-sectional Time-Series Analysis of Metropolitan Areas.” Criminology 47 (August): 889-928.

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Co-Authored Books, Book Chapters / Encyclopedia Entries

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