Brandon Gorman

 Assistant Professor

Brandon Gorman

Expertise: Political Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Globalization, Computer-Aided Text Analysis

Contact Info:

  • Email:
  • Office: 341 Arts & Sciences Building
  • Phone: 518-442-4696
  • Website: Click here
  • Mailing Address:
    1400 Washington Avenue
    Arts & Sciences 351
    University at Albany, 12222

CV: Link


  • 2016: PhD, Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • 2012: MA, Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • 2009: MA, Political Science, University of Georgia
  • 2006: BA, Political Science, University of Georgia

Current Research:

Professor Gorman studies how power relations between groups affect how individuals understand and construct the symbolic boundaries separating “us” from “them” in the Middle East and around the world. He uses qualitative, statistical, and computational methods. His work has been published in journals including the American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Sociological Forum, and Sociological Perspectives. Professor Gorman is currently conducting research on the determinants of pro-global attitudes, how Tunisia's successful transition to democracy has created new social conflicts, and under what circumstances people come to view outgroups as less-than-human.

Courses Taught:

  • ASOC 115: Introduction to Sociology
  • ASOC 255: Mass Media
  • ASOC 260: Social Psychology
  • ASOC 708: Text as Data