The Information Technology Usage Policy Committee

Senate Charter Reference

2016-2017 Information Technology Usage Policy Committee Members
Simeon Ananou
David Mamorella
Alexandre Tchernev (chair)
Sheila Bernard
Alex Kumi-Yeboah
Maksim Royzen

2015-2016 Information Technology Usage Policy Committee Members
Simeon Ananou, VP for Information Technology Services and CIO
Dave Mamorella, ITS (LISC Chair)
Robert Rosenswig, CAS/Anthropology (IT Chair)
Allison Craig, WCI
Boris Goldfarb, CAS/Math
Youqin Huang, CAS/Geography & Planning

2012-2013 Members       

T*  C Rich, Eliot - Chair School of Business 
T*  Raffalovich, Lawrence  Sociology 
T*  Wolfe, Mark  Libraries 
P*  Ziman, William  ITS 
EO*  Haile, Christine  Chief Information Officer 
P Miller, Paul  Meida Relations 
Gonczlik, Peter  VP For Research Office 
Goldstein, Jeff  ITS 

2011-2012 Members:

Lawrence Raffalovich,  Sociology

Bruce Dudek, CAS/Psychology
Jean Guyon, University Libraries
Chris Haile,  Office of the CIO
William Ziman, ITS

2010-2011 Members:

Michael Jaromin, Student Involvement & Leaderhsip

Christine Haile, Ex Officio
Karen Brown, University Libraries (LISC Member)
Brian Butcher, GSO (LISC Member)
Elizabeth Conrad, Student Involvement & Leadership
Bruce Dudek, Psychology (LISC Member)
Carolyn Malloch, Disability Resource Center
Ed Waltz, SPH (LISC Member)

2007-2008 Members:

   Chair:    Larry Raffalovich, Sociology
(LISC member)

Bill Ding, School of Business
(LISC member)
Fen Pan Chen, East Asian Studies
(LISC member)
Martin Manjak, Office of the CIO
(LISC member)
Robert Summers, CAS
Thomas Hoey, IT

*=LISC Member
T=Teaching Faculty
P=Professional Faculty
EO=Ex Officio