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Intern Testimonials


  I was involved with the SEED Program in its early days, and enjoyed having input into the creation of the program as well as the one-on-one interactions with these budding entrepreneurs. It’s hard to measure the true effect of a support program such as this, but we unquestionably had a positive impact on the success of these individuals’ businesses. The advice provided right at the beginning, followed by training and accountability, helped to assure that they were on the right track. And, sharing my own personal experiences as a business owner and seeing them learn from these was very gratifying for me. Lastly, hearing about their many challenges and watching them work through them gave me important insights and a greater appreciation, and I use both on a daily basis in the marketing work that I do.

Linda Finkle
Director of Marketing & Membership Sales at the Albany JCC
Executive MBA-Marketing, 2011


  My current position has taught me that at a small business one must be dynamic and willing to touch every facet of the company. No employee has ‘a job description’ but instead must be a multi-talented problem-solver working to make a company succeed. The SEED internship immersed me in this environment before graduating, giving me a unique edge in the job market and for my career. One of my clients was John Robinson, who is brilliant. His idea was to create a platform to allow large companies to tap into the often- ignored talent potential of people with physical disabilities. To this day, I follow his progress and wish I could still help him succeed.

Aaron Stack Barnes 
Associate at SQN Securities

MBA-HRIS, 2012 


  Whether a student is considering a path in entrepreneurship or not, the SEED internship program is invaluable.  Students would be hard pressed to find an internship experience such as this one that allows you to apply skills learned in the classroom to real world businesses while making a significant measurable impact in the community.  The SEED program exposes students to the world of business in a way that is impossible to recreate in the classroom.  Students are involved in the entire business cycle and gain experience that can be applied to any field they may choose to enter upon graduation.

James Cox
Financial Planner at The Ayco Company
MBA-New Venture Concentration, 2012 


SEED was an eye-opener to the world of social business and entrepreneurs. It represented an entirely different approach to business, including addressing fundamental questions like what the purpose of a business is. For those with entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to make a difference, this is a great program.

Louis Savalli

MBA-IT Management Concentration, 2013

SEED captures the essence of small business enterprise. The program is enriching and challenges all of the facets involved in small business to work together. I was exposed to the experiences of a number of entrepreneurs who will continue to enrich the communities in which they do business. The program placed the importance of time, networking, and education into focus. I value the experience and apply it every day.

Matthew Murrisky
MBA-New Venture Development, 2014

  As a SEED intern, I had the unique opportunity to interact with Simply the Best Home Care and  Empire Zero Waste, both run by entrepreneurs who care deeply and have a passion about the products and services they are creating. Their energy is infectious and as much of an impact they had on me, I like to think, I had on them. We shared ideas, had in-depth discussions, and because I had an outside perspective, I think we truly improved how their businesses operated. The icing on the cake is the classroom experience where I learned about social enterprises and the groundbreaking work being done across the globe. 

Chris Nolin
Director of Collaborative and Legislative Affairs at The Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities
MBA, 2014

    The SEED program introduced a type of venture that was new to me in the world of business, one of focusing on the community and environmental benefits instead of profit generation. It is extremely rewarding to take part in making someone's dream of owning their own business come true.

Spiridoula Giannoulas
MS-Professional Accountancy, 2014

  The SEED program offers local entrepreneurs a tremendous opportunity to develop new businesses in the capital region and surrounding areas. Having the ability to aid such entrepreneurs in their development is internally gratifying and one that will be exciting to monitor through the life cycle of their businesses.

Steven Woodard

MBA, 2015