-Angelo Maddox

I had a wonderful experience cultivating my business from ideas into action.  
The SEED program has produced a wonderful "garden" for People with Disabilities
to use through Our Ability for years to come.Thank you!
-John Robinson

Being a member of the SEED program is a wonderful experience. I really enjoy
the networking with the other participants. The classes were very informative.
The instructor and guest speakers were great. Everyone who is involved in
the program is extremely helpful. I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful program.
-Tyrone Newsome

My experience with seed program was a great one, the program allowed me to gain
business knowledge that I was not aware of. The program inspired me to be even more on fire,
overall I feel truly blessed that I was able to come in contact with the people who are
involved in the SEED Program. The SEED Program has given me the opportunity
to grow, improve, and run business like I have always dreamed of.
- Kerry-Ann Wilson

The SEED program has been a game changer for me. I have struggled to put together
a business plan in the past, but the SEED advisors helped me step by step,
even with the difficult task of financial projections. With SEFCU's funding
from the SEED program, I will be able to take my start-up business to the next level.
Before long I will be exporting New York-made Larry's Southwestern Sauces
to Texas and California!
-Larry Sombke