Loan Criteria

The partnership was developed to create a micro-enterprise loan fund that makes lending decisions based on the character of the applicant, quality and feasibility of the business model and financial projections.
The capacity of the potential borrower to repay the loan and his/her willingness to repay the loan will be decided by the Loan committee using criteria such as:

  • Personal Integrity
  • Entrepreneurial Drive
  • Business Model
  • Demonstrating Ability to Generate Revenue and Profits
  • Realistic Quantitative Figures
  • Alternative Collateral (where applicable)
  • Commitment to Transparency and Accountability on all Levels
  • Budgets and Financial Proformas
  • Completed Entrepreneurial Training
  • Character References Provided by the Applicant
  • Active Involvement with Small Business Development Center
  • Active Involvement with the Graduate Student Interns from the School of Business and School of Social Welfare
  • Participation in the Peer Support Group Socio-Economic Environment of the Entrepreneur