Undergraduate Program

The School of Criminal Justice is concerned with the study of all aspects of crime and societal reactions to crime. We examine political, economic and cultural patterns that shape definitions of crime and influence the policy choices about how to respond to certain criminal and deviant behaviors.

Criminal Justice Undergraduate Catalog

Criminal Justice Minor
A minimum of 18 graduation credits (9 credits or more of which must be in course work at or above the 300 level and/or in courses requiring a prerequisite) in course work from among the following: any RCRJ courses; ASOC 203, 283, 380. Find out more information about minors.

Criminal Justice Undergraduate Concentration
Undergraduate students who matriculated at the University prior to fall 2007 are required to complete a 9-credit concentration in one of several areas. If you matriculated at the University prior to fall 2007, please review the concentration requirements.