Research Poster Session

The Poster Session will provide an opportunity for Symposium participants who are conducting sentencing research to share their work with leading scholars and policymakers in the area.

The Poster Session will be a juried event.  Interested participants are required to submit an abstract for review and approval in order to participate in the session.  Research should be related to the Symposium's main topics.  Special consideration will be given to projects that address new directions for empirical work in this area . 
  Poster Session Procedures:
  1) Submit the title and abstract (no more than 250 words) of your proposed poster to by June 15.  Your message should include your name(s), your advisor's name (if applicable), your e-mail address, and the name of your college/university/agency.   You will receive notice of approval by e-mail on or before June 30. 

  2) If your abstract is approved, you will be required to submit a draft of your poster via e-mail by August 1.  (See below for poster specifications.)

  3) Bring your poster with you when you check in for the Symposium. We will collect all posters during registration on Thursday and will transport them to the Poster Session area on Friday morning.

  4) Arrive at the Poster Session area no later than 7:30 a.m. on Friday to hang your poster and prepare for guests to arrive.

  Poster Specifications:

  1) Posters must be no larger than 36" x 48".

  2) Posters must include your name(s), your advisor's name (if applicable), your college/university/agency, and the poster title.

  3) Check with your printer to verify the format in which they require submissions. Many will accept a poster that has been formatted in Microsoft PowerPoint or an Adobe pdf.

  4) Foam board and clips will be provided for mounting your poster. 

  If you have any questions, please contact Diana Mancini at

This event is made possible in large part by a grant from the National Science Foundation (SES-0939099).