Research Tool Requirement

1. Students must submit a proposal to the Student Performance Committee specifying the area of research methodology in which they will demonstrate competence, and the manner in which such competence will be demonstrated. The proposal must include a statement explaining why the selected area is appropriate to the student's anticipated research in criminal justice.

2. The area of research methodology must be appropriate to academic study in criminal justice. Illustrative areas that may satisfy the research tool requirement include statistical analysis, legal research, foreign language proficiency, historical research, computer utilization, survey design, techniques of field observation, and clinical research techniques (this listing is not intended to be exhaustive).

3. A level of proficiency in research that is appropriate to the Ph.D. degree must be evidenced in order to demonstrate competence in an area of research methodology. Such competence may be evidenced:

  • By completing successfully an approved course (see the Graduate Handbook); or
  • By demonstrating proficiency in a foreign language under procedures and criteria approved by the Student Performance Committee. This normally will involve an examination administered by a foreign language department at the University (e.g., the Departments of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies, Germanic Languages and Literature)
  • Upon the certification of two members of the faculty that the student has satisfactorily completed an approved research tool proposal.