PhD Program of Study

The Ph.D. degree requires the completion of 60 credits of coursework with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0. Up to 30 credits of graduate-level studies completed elsewhere may be applied toward the required 60 credits. Appropriate courses may be taken outside of the School of Criminal Justice at this University, and credits earned applied toward the Ph.D. degree in criminal justice. Students should receive the approval of their academic advisors before enrolling in such courses.

To satisfy requirements for the Ph.D. degree, students must:

1. Complete 60 credits of coursework with a B (3.0) or better grade point average; including:

  • RCRJ 607 - Theories of Crime
  • RCRJ 640 – Theoretical Foundations of Criminal Justice
  • RCRJ 687 - Statistical Techniques in CJ Research II
  • RCRJ 688 - Research Design in CJ II
  • RCRJ 701 - Research/Analytical Writing Seminar

2. Pass the comprehensive examination
3. Complete the Ph.D. tool requirements
4. Present and successfully defend a dissertation prospectus
5. Present and successfully defend a dissertation
6. Comply with the University's statute of limitations requirement by completing all requirements within eight (8) calendar years from the date of initial registration in the program


Visiting Weekend Schedule