Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture

Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture
, 9(3) (2002)


The Justice Professional is pleased to announce that it is now being published by Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group. The journal is issuing a call for papers and would particularly welcome contributions relating to the forthcoming special issue theme "Terrorism and Its Impact on All."

The Justice Professional publishes articles that deal with substantive criminal justice and criminological issues. The journal welcomes all articles that are relevant to the issue of criminal justice as well as those that may be outside the field but have relevancy to the topic of criminal justice. We welcome articles on public administration, issues of public policy, as well as public affairs issues. Literature reviews, research notes, and summary reports of innovative research projects in criminal justice are also considered. This journal is refereed and published quarterly. Qualitative and quantitative articles are sought mainly from academics and researchers in the field, though articles from professionals will also be considered. We also dedicate an issue per year, on average, to a special edition, such as we have done in the past with "Capital Punishment" and "Minorities and Latinos."

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Recently published articles include:

"What You Don't Know Can Hurt You: First Time Offenders and Sentence Severity"
by Michael Vigorita

"Assessing the Climate for Hate Crime Reporting in Law Enforcement Organizations: A Force-Field Analysis"
by James J. Nolan & Yoshio Akiyama

"Furman and Gregg Exit Death Row? Un-Weaving an Old Controversy"
by Martin G. Urbina

"Breaking the Routine: Assessing the Effectiveness of a Multi-Neighborhood
Anticrime Initiative Through Qualitative Interviewing"
by Richard G. Zevitz

"Women Doctors and Crime: A Review of California Physician Sanctioning Data
by Helen Ahn Lim

"Special Conditions for Female Probationers: Disparity or Discrimination"
by Jacqueline M. Mullany

"The Impact of Instrumental Communication and Integration on Correctional
by Eric Lambert, Nancy Lynne Hogan, Shannon M. Barton & Alan W. Clarke

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