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Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 6(1) (1998) 3



Dr. Forbes Farmer, Chair, Division of Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Sociology at Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, NH (03461) is recruiting people of any age who have been caught shoplifting. He would like them to complete an informed consent form and a 170-question survey about their shoplifting. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and the shoplifter's name will be held in the strictest of confidence. If you know of such a willing person, please write or e-mail thefarmers@top.monad.net for a survey and prepaid envelope.


Editorial work has begun on the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, a five-volume set covering all aspects of popular culture in the United States in the twentieth century, ranging from political events and popular genres of literature to fast food restaurants and fitness fads. An expert advisory board has compiled a list of topics to be included; major subject areas include Television, Movies, Theater, Art, Books, Magazines, Radio, Music, Sports, Fashion, Politics, Trends/Fads/Hobbies, Community Life/Daily Life, and Advertising. Emphasis will be on U.S. popular culture, with the inclusion of international popular culture subjects limited to those that have had a significant impact on American culture.

Subject matter experts are needed to contribute signed entries that describe a given subject and analyze its significance in and relevance to American popular culture. Entries will vary in length from 100-word brief entries to 3,000-word extended essays.

If you are interested in contributing to this publication, please send a brief letter or e-mail describing your qualifications and evidence of your ability to analyze popular culture. We will contact qualified writers with further details. Assignments will begin immediately.

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