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Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 4(1) (1996) 1

Editors' Note


There is no other time of the year that represents the foundations and ideologies in which the United States of America was forged than the months before a Presidential election. The swirling winds of politics that envelope governmental elections have existed for centuries and transcend many cultures and continents. The link to popular culture is especially inevitable with the advent of television and world wide media. Criminal Justice issues and general issues of morality also lurk within this tumultuous sea of political dueling. This is an announcement to elicit manuscripts that deal with the substantive issues surrounding political elections of any country and time period. Some possible topics may include: political use and abuse of the mass media; issues of morality as presented in relationship to popular culture (i.e. violent movies have a deleterious effect on society and children specifically); the use of popular figures to advance political causes; or using the "get tough on crime" stance to advance a political agenda. These are just some possibilities and if you have any other ideas we would be glad to hear them.

Manuscripts and reviews should be received by August 15, 1996 to be included in the October 15th issue of the Journal. This is an important topic and we hope all will participate. [End page 152]