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Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 3(5) (1995) 105

Editors' Notes

We are pleased to welcome all subscribers and "cyber-viewers" to this fifth issue of volume three. The editorship of JCJPC is currently under transition. The new editors, Jack K. Reed and Brian C. Renauer, would like to thank Sean Anderson and Gregory J. Howard for all their arduous efforts in creating the excellent tradition that the Journal has upheld over the past three years.

It is our desire that the Journal will become more than an electronic text journal. We hope to elicit contributions that include graphics, sound clips, and video clips as intregal parts of the work. This evolution is directly tied to our presence on the World Wide Web that we hope to expand in the near future. We would like to encourage our readership to submit reviews and manuscripts that delve into these new possiblities. [End page 105]