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Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 3(2) (1995) 24


With this issue of JCJPC, we would like to formally announce the addition of a new feature to the journal: a World Wide Web (WWW) site. As most of you probably know already, the Web is one of the most powerful tools available on the Internet. As a hypertext project, the Web allows one to navigate the Internet easily through various "links" that are embedded in selected documents. For journal readers, our Web site is especially useful as a mechanism for identifying and retrieving articles and/or review essays of particular interest. For instance, one can search the indices for any of our volumes and access any article or review essay almost instantaneously simply by choosing its title. Alternatively, one can search for material published in JCJPC by author and, soon, by subject. Finally, the Web site is also of benefit to readers as it provides linkages to other Web sites that contain information relevant to the substantive concerns of JCJPC: criminal justice and popular culture.

JCJPC's WWW homepage may be reached with the following Uniform Resource Locator (URL):

We hope that our readers find this new service helpful and that it makes the resources of JCJPC more accessible and easier to manage. We, of course, welcome comments from all readers regarding this new service or any aspect of JCJPC. [End page 24]