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Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 2(6) (1994) 128


With this issue, JCJPC concludes its second year of publication by announcing a new visual feature and by offering a paper by J Forbes Farmer that explores an experimental pedagogical technique for the criminological discipline. With regard to the former, we would like to draw your attention to our new experimental FTP site. With this facility, we are able to provide images as accompaniments to our articles and review essays. This new feature is introduced with Jeff Williams's article -- "Comics: A Tool of Subversion?" To access the figures for this feature article, FTP to the following address:

When probed for a username (identify yourself to the host) and a password, enter JCJPC and DUCKMAN (both w/o quotes), respectively. At the command prompt, you may enter a series of commands. Among the most important are:

Provides a directory of files.
Retrieves any of JCJPC's files available via FTP. Simple replace "FILENAME" with "FILENAME" with the file of your your choice. choice
Allows you to leave the FTP site.
Provides information about the other commands that are available.
The files available via FTP are zipped in PKZIP 2.0 and require a graphics viewer compatible with .PCX in order to be used.

Any successful journal depends on insightful and provocative contributions, and in this regard we have been fortunate indeed. Yet a journal would be equally ill served if it did not have at its disposal a pool of talented referees, capable of perspicacious and enlightening commentary. To our delight, we have been able to tap into such a rich reserve. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to the following individuals:

 Chris Amirault    Martin Gottschalk  Michael Lynch   Ray Surette

 Frankie Bailey    Robert Hunter      Brendan Maguire Hans Toch

 Thomas Bernard    Philip Jenkins     Graeme Newman

 Adam Bouloukos    Michael Leiber     Eric Riksheim

 Robert Chaires    Susan Lentz        Mark Seis

 Bruce Dicristina  Matthew Leone      Tony Smith

 David Duffee      Rick Lovell        Jeff Snipes
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