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Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 1(1) (1993) 1


The editors wish to welcome you to the first issue of JCJPC. We apologize that we missed the first deadline. The Journal will be published approximately every two weeks in the future. Each issue will, hopefully, contain at least two reviews: a new movie and a videotape release. In addition, we hope to provide a forum for the examination of a broad range of issues concerning the criminal justice system and popular culture by publishing original scholarship. Please note that changes have been made to our rating system. The new system, the "gavel scale," ranges from 4 (outstanding), 3 (good), 2 (average), and 1 (sucks). If the occasion merits, a C for "Classic" may be awarded.

We invite submissions from all of our subscribers. With over 100 talented individuals currently holding subscriptions, we anticipate receiving an abundance of material to review as future contributions. Movie reviews submitted to the JCJPC should conform to the format outlined by the current contributions. Please direct all queries and submissions to SUNYCRJ@ALBNYVM1.BITNET[End page 1]