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Volume 9, Issue 3

Wrong Side of the Tracks: Explaining the Role of Newspaper Coverage of Homicide in Socially Constructing Dangerous Places
Derek J. Paulsen

The Media Construction of Stalking Stereotypes
Brian H. Spitzberg
Michelle Cadiz

The Lyrics of Rage Against the Machine: A Study in Radical Criminology?
Laura L. Finley

Book Reviews

The Strain of Life After Prison: A Review of The Eel
Todd Schoepflin

Volume 9, Issue 2

The Wicked Stepmother? The Edna Mumbolo Case of 1930
Joseph Laythe

Serial Killer Communiques: Helpful or Hurtful?
Tomas Guillen

Spinning the Web of Hate: Web-based Hate Propogation by Extremist Organizations
Joseph A. Schafer


Masculinity and Justice: Generational Changes in John Grisham's The Chamber
Sara Martin

Review of Policing the Media: Street Cops and Public Perceptions of Law Enforcement
Laura Finley

Whistle-blowing Into a Tangled Web: The Case of Serpico, L.A. Confidential, and the LAPD's Rampart Division
Renford Reese

Volume 9, Issue 1

Murder and Mayhem at the Movies
Wes Shipley
Gray Cavender

You've Got Mail! You Don't Want It: Cyber-victimization and On-line Dating
Robert Jerin
Beverly Dolinsky


Dykes, Gangs, and Danger: Debunking Popular Myths about Maximum-Security Life
Marsha Clowers

A Review of "Torture through the Ages"
Christine Farina

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