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Volume 13 Issue 3

Volume 13 Issue 2

"They say it'll kill me...but they won't say when!" Drug narratives in Comic Books
Mark C. J. Stoddart

Explaining Use of Online Pornography: A Test of Self-Control Theory and Opportunities for Deviance
Timothy Buzzell
Drew Foss
Zack Middleton

Special Features

The Devil Made Me Do It: The Criminological Theories of Hannibal Lector, Part Three
J. C. Oleson

Book Reviews

A Review of John the Painter: Terrorist of the American Revolution
Steven Schuchart

A Review of Leadership in the LAPD: Walking the Tightrope
Gary Cordner

Volume 13 Issue 1

Crime and the Gothic: Sexualizing Serial Killers
Kay Picart

Professional and Community Policing: The Mayberry Model
Adam Dobrin

Special Features

Contemporary Demonology: The Criminological Theories of Hannibal Lector, Part 2
J. C. Oleson

Book Reviews

A Review of Counter Colonial Criminology: A Critique of Imperalist Reason
Loretta J. Capeheart

A Review of Good Cop/Bad Cop: Mass Media and the Cycle of Police Reform
Steven Schuchart

A Review of Media Representations of September 11
Daniel B. German

Film Reviews

A Review of Torture: America's Brutal Prisons
Debernee Pugh

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