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Franklin Wilson,
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Indiana State University




Volume 6, Issue 3

Caravaggio: The Violent Enlightenment

S. Giora Shoham


Review of Representing O.J. -- Murder, Criminal Justice, and Mass Culture

Matthew C. Leone

Review of The Miranda Debate - Law, Justice, and Policing

John A. Eterno

Review of National Park Service Law Enforcement: To Conserve and Protect

Gregory M. Fulkerson

Volume 6, Issue 2

Film, law and the delivery of justice: The case of Judge Dredd and the disappearing courtroom

Steve Greenfield and Guy Osborn

Law Enforcement and Popular Movies: Hollywood as a Teaching Tool in the Classroom

Charles Crawford


Review of Crime and Punishment in England: An Introductory History

Graeme Newman

Reflections from the Postmodern Eye

Mark Seis

Volume 6, Issue 1

Editors' Note


Review Essay

Review of Acres of Skin: Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison

Evelyn Shuster

Beyond the Negative: A Criticism of Police Pictures: The Photograph As Evidence

Tristin H. Kirvin

Lonestar: A Review

Jeremy Pienik

L.A. Confidential: A Review

Ronald Burns and Jason Seals

Review of The Death of Innocents

H. Dale Nute

Special Feature

An Ambiguous Peace: The Life of a Retired Correctional Officer

J. Forbes Farmer