Journal of Crime and Popular Culture


Volume 18 Issue 1

Making Sociology Relevant to Society - Howard S. Becker

Newsmaking Criminology, Policy Making, and Popular Culture: Reflections from the Margins - Gregg Barak

Constructing Crime in an Era of Globalization - Gary W. Potter

Copycat Crime and Copycat Criminals: Concepts and Research Questions - Ray Surette

“Love of a Clean and Manly Sport”: The Texas Prison Rodeo and American Popular Culture - Mitchell Roth

Art Reflecting Life: Social Justice, Songwriting and Scholarship - Edward L.W. Green, Terry C. Cox, Kenneth D. Tunnell

Hip-Hop’s Criminological Thought: A Content Analysis - Kevin F. Steinmetz, Howard Henderson

Tough on the Outside, Mom on the Inside: The Social Construction of Policewomen on Reality Television - Angela Gonzalez, Gray Cavender

Review of Once Upon a Place: The Fading of Community in Rural Kentucky by Kenneth D. Tunnell - Ralph Weisheit