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Volume 17 Issue 1 (2010)
  Skinhead Super Mario Brothers: An Examination of Racist and Violent Games on White Supremacist Web Sites
    Andrew Selepak
  The “Oprah Effect:” How Celebrity Jurors Influence Jury Decision-Making

Jared Chamberlain

Monica K. Miller

Carlene A. Gonzalez

  Social Control in a Subculture of Piracy
    Steven Downing
  Pirates on the Plank: Neutralization Theory and the Criminal Downloading of Music Among Generation Y in the Era of Late Modernity
    Jason S. Ulsperger
Stan H. Hodges
John Paul
  Johnny Cash: The Criminologist Within
    Patrick Gerkin
Aaron Rider
John Hewitt
  Stop Snitchin’: Exploring Definitions of The Snitch and Implications for Urban Black Communities
    Rachael A. Woldoff
Karen G. Weiss
A Typology of Victim Characterization in Television Crime Dramas
Nicole E. Rader
Gayle M. Rhineberger-Dunn
  A Review of The Spectacle of Death: Populist Literary Responses to American Capital Cases
    Rachel Brushett
  A Review of Murder in Miniature and Other Stories
    Heidi Scherer
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