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Volume 16 Issue 1

Sex and Violence in the Slasher Horror Film: A Content Analysis of Gender Differences in the Depiction of Violence and the Evolution of the Comics Code
Andrew Welsh

The Absence of Gay and Lesbian Police Officer Depictions in the First Three Decades of the Core Cop Film Genre: Moving Towards a Cultivation Theory Perspective
Franklin T. Wilson
Dennis R. Longmire
Warren Swymeler

Theoretical and Cultural Dimensions of the Warehouse Philosophy of Punishment
Barbara A. Rockell

Nihilism and Mistaken Identity: (Self)Hate Crime in The Believer
Paul J. Kaplan

Content Analysis of the 18-Year Evolution of Violence in Video Game Magazines
Monica K. Miller

The Seductions of Arson: Ritualized Political Violence and the Revelry of Arson
Matt Hinds-Aldrich


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