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Franklin Wilson,
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Indiana State University




Volume 12, Issue 3

From the Red Core to the Black Sky: Corporate Crime in Transnational Matrix

Steve Russell

Software Piracy and Deterrence: A Factorial Design

George Higgins
Abby L. Wilson
Brian D. Fell

Special Feature

Forward to the Hannibal Lector Trilogy

J. C. Oleson

King of Killers: The Criminological Theories of Hannibal Lector, Part One

J. C. Oleson

Book Reviews

A Review of Women Police: Portraits of Success

Patrick Cook

A Review of Defending Mohammad: Justice on Trial

Steve Schuchart

A Review of Criminal Woman, the Prostitute, and the Normal Woman

Loretta J. Capeheart

Volume 12, Issue 2

The Media and Public Perceptions of Criminal Justice Policy Issues: An Analysis of Bowling for Columbine and Gun Control

Monica L. P. Robbers

The Perceived Role of Mass Media Use During Incarceration in Light of Prisoner Re-entry into Society

Heidi Vandebosch

Conservatism in American Crime Films

Timothy O. Lenz

Book Reviews

A Review of Courtroom 302: A Year Behind the Scenes in an American Courthouse

Jerome L. Neapolitan

A Review of Feeding the Fear of Crime: Crime-Related Media and Support for Three Strikes

Maria Markantonatou

A Review of Craze: Gin and Debauchery in an Age of Reason

David W. Gutzke

Video Reviews

A Review of Red Hook Justice: Part I

Charles Lanier

Volume 12, Issue 1

Assessing the Newsworthiness of Homicide Events: An Analysis of Coverage in the Houston Chronicle

Kevin Buckler
Lawrence Travis

Mad or Bad? Negotiating the Boundaries of Mental Illness on Law & Order

Rachel Ganz-Boriskin
Clare Wardle

"Let's Work Out the Details": Interrogation and Deception in Prime Time

Christopher P. Wilson

Book Reviews

A Review of Gambling: Who Wins? Who Loses?

Ryan K. May

A Review of The Politics of Injustice: Crime & Punishment in America

Paul Parker