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Franklin Wilson,
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Indiana State University




Announcement from the JCJPC Editorial Staff:

The journal has received a large number of submissions over the past months. This would normally be a cause for celebration because it means that the little journal that was the first of its kind has now been recognized as a peer-reviewed and respected venue for publication. However, as some of you are aware, the journal has been experiencing the growing pains that accompany success. We have experienced shortage of staff and some turnover of editors.
We have decided not to accept additional submissions until we have worked our way through our backlog of articles under review or in the queue for upcoming issues. We apologize to contributors who have waited longer than you or we would have liked to receive a response. We have decided that changes in the administration and organizational structure of the journal must be made if the journal is to continue to exist. Over the next few months we will be in the process of cleaning up our backlog and re-structuring. We hope to be ready to again accept submissions in the fall, and will announce it here when we are back in normal status. In the meantime, if you have submitted an article, your article will be reviewed and you will be informed of its status.
We would like to invite authors who have contributed to and been published in peer-reviewed journals and who have areas of expertise relevant to this journal to join our list of reviewers. We would also like to invite applications to the advisory board. Please contact us if you are interested in reviewing or working with us on the journal.
Thank you for your support of the journal.