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Graeme Newman

Graeme Newman
Distinguished Teaching Professor


Ph.D. (1972) University of Pennsylvania

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Professional Biography:

Professor Newman has provided consultation to the Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention Division of the United Nations. for many years, particularly in regard to the World Crime Surveys, various projects on violence, and the relationship between criminal justice and development. For the United Nations he pioneered the establishment of the United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network, the first criminal justice presence on the Internet.
In his capacity as Associate Director of the Center for Problem Oriented Policing, Professor Newman has published in the series of Problem Specific Guides for Police, Check and Card Fraud, and Identity Theft. He also manages and contributes to design of the web site for the Center for Problem Oriented Policing (

Professor Newman has written widely in criminal justice and other fields, and has written commercial software. Among the books he has written or edited are: Super Highway Robbery (Willan Press, 2003, with Ronald V. Clarke) The Global Report on Crime and Justice (United Nations/Oxford, 1998), Rational Choice and Situational Crime Prevention (Dartmouth, 1997, with Ronald V. Clarke and Shlomo Shoham); Handbook of Criminal Justice Information Sources (Oryx Press. 1997, with Dennis Benamati, Phyllis Schultze and Adam Bouloukos), The Punishment Response, 2nd Edition, (Harrow and Heston, 1985); Just and Painful A Case for the Corporal Punishment of Criminals, 2nd Edition, (Harrow and Heston, 1995); and Comparative Deviance: Law and Perception in Six Cultures (Elsevier, 1976).