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Graduate Student Association

The School of Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association (SCJGSA) invites membership from any of the graduate-level programs offered through the School of Criminal Justice.

SCJGSA is a governmental, social, and service organization.

They celebrate a number of social events throughout the year – including the Spring Dinner, held just before Commencement. They also participate in numerous community-engaged projects, such as Habitat for Humanity builds, the Equinox Thanksgiving celebration, and food drives for the local food pantry. They have regular meetings and are represented at faculty meetings.

2015-16 GSA Officers and Representatives

  • President: Jasmine Silver
  • Vice President: Audrey Hickert
  • Treasurer: Sean Roche
  • Secretary: Luzi Shi
  • Advanced Representatives: Megan Denver and Win Shelley
  • At-Large Representatives: Jeanee Miller and Reveka Shteynberg
  • 2nd Year Representatives: Lauren Springer and Melissa Noel
  • 1st Year Representatives: Jennifer Weintraub and Courtney Wayne
  • MA Representatives: Stephany Ruiz and Chris Capone


2014-15 Officers and Representatives

President: Sean Roche
Vice President: Walter "Win" Shelley
Treasurer: Megan Denver
Secretary: Jasmine Silver
Advanced Reps: Rose Bellandi and Karise Curtis
At-Large Reps: Jeanee Miller and Kirstin Morgan
2nd Year PhD Reps: Meagen Hildebrand and Jasmine Silver
1st Year PhD Reps: Will be elected in fall 2014
MA Reps: Will be elected in fall 2014

2013-14 GSA Officers and Representatives

President: Karise Carrillo
Vice President: Amanda Emmert
Treasurer: Chris Cutler and Megan Denver
Secretary: Reveka Shtyenberg
Advanced Reps: Shi Yan and Reveka Shtyenberg
At-Large Reps: Jeanee Miller and Kirstin Morgan
2nd Year PhD Reps: Eric Fowler and Sean Roche
1st Year PhD Reps: Meagen Hildebrand and Jasmine Silver
MA Reps: Ryan Lowndes and Casey Ross

2012-13 GSA Officers and Representatives

President:  Kirstin Morgan
Vice President:  Karise Carrillo
Treasurer:  Arna Carlock
Secretary:  Amanda Emmert
Advanced Reps:  Christopher Dum & Jeaneé Miller
At-Large Reps:  Rose Bellandi & Vanessa Panfil
2nd Year PhD Reps:  Reveka Shteynberg & Shi Yan
1st Year PhD Reps:  Megan Denver & Sean Roche
MA Reps:  Ryan O'Mara & Walter Shelley

2011-12  GSA Officers and Representatives

President: Robert Norris
Vice President: Catherine Bonventre
Treasurer: Kirstin Morgan
Secretary: Jeanee Miller
2nd Year PhD Reps: Vicky Schall and Jaeok Kim
At-large Reps: Dilys Liu and Rachael Powers
Advanced Reps: Vanessa Panfil and Chris Dum