Funding for Grad Students

Most financial support in the School is awarded to entering and continuing Ph.D. students. That support may be in the form of fellowships, assistantships, or internships with state agencies. Fellowships entail no work requirement, whereas assistantships and internships involve assignment to specific tasks for a certain number of hours per week (20 hours per week for a typical assignment). Fellowship and assistantship support may be combined, so that the number of hours worked per week is reduced from what would be expected with a normal assistantship. Awards (fellowships, assistantships, and internships) also include tuition scholarships covering full time enrollment.

Assistantships may involve teaching, research, or administrative responsibilities. Those assistantships funded by Hindelang Research Center projects are offered by individual project directors and are coordinated through the Research Center; all others are managed through the Dean's Office. The specific amounts of awards and tuition scholarships are determined by the School, the Center, and the University. The School recognizes an obligation that the assistantships which it oversees involve appropriate educational experiences; it is inappropriate, for example, for graduate assistants to be required to undertake tasks of a personal nature for the person to whom they are assigned.

Financial awards are based upon faculty evaluation of several considerations, including applicants' academic performance and progress, the skills required to fulfill the obligations of assistantships, and program and curriculum needs. A multi-year funding commitment to a student may be fulfilled by the School through any combination of fellowships, assistantships and internships. It is the student's responsibility to apply for assistantships on Hindelang Center projects and for internships available in state agencies (which may become available at any time during the year) and to keep the Dean's office apprised of any assistantships that are offered and accepted.

The recipients of awards must comply with the following general requirements:

  • All graduate fellows, assistants, and interns must have been formally admitted to a regular degree program and must maintain a satisfactory standard of academic performance in order for their fellowships and assistantships to be continued.
  • Unless otherwise specified, recipients of fellowships, assistantships, and internships are expected to make a commitment of two academic semesters to their positions. Those who leave the School or terminate their positions before the mid-semester date may forfeit the tuition scholarship associated with their original awards. Students may not accept an offer of a new assistantship or internship without ensuring that they are released by the School or a project director from any previous commitments they have made.
  • Students (other than International Students) who qualify for tuition scholarships must apply for and be granted New York State residency prior to beginning their second year of study, or else pay the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition.
  • University policy is that recipients of financial awards may not hold two assistantships or fellowships of any kind simultaneously. This restriction does not include Veterans Educational Assistance Allowance.
  • University policy is that recipients of fellowships and assistantships are expected to refrain from engaging in outside employment during the terms of their appointments. Exceptions may be authorized by the Dean when recommended by the student's major advisor. Exceptions will be based on educational, rather than financial need.
  • Fellowship (full or partial) recipients generally are required to register for at least l2 credits of course work per semester unless eligible to register for CRJ 899. They must comply with other requirements which accompany financial awards.
  • Assistantship recipients and interns must register for not less than 9 nor more than 10 credits per semester unless eligible to register for CRJ 899.

Applications for Assistantships

The School will solicit and accept applications for School-managed assistantships in the early part of each spring semester, for the following academic year. All students who wish to be supported must apply-even those who still have multiple-year funding commitments from the School--since the information on the application is critical to making timely assignments based on interest areas, expertise, and experience