Colin Loftin

Violence, Methodology and Statistics, Structural Factors, Measurement

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Colin Loftin
Distinguished Professor

School of Criminal Justice
Department: Criminal Justice

Draper 210C



Colin Loftin is co-director of the Violence Research Group, a research collaboration with colleagues at the University at Albany and the University of Maryland, that conducts research on the causes and consequences of interpersonal violence. The major themes of the research are: (1) understanding violence as a social process extending beyond individual action; (2) improving the quality of data on the incidence and nature of crime; (3) the design and evaluation of violence prevention policies; and (4) the investigation of population risk factors for violence.

The Violence Research Group recently published the Statistical Handbook on Violence in America (Oryx Press, 1996). Professor Loftin was a member of the National Academy of Sciences Panel on Understanding and Preventing Violence.


Ph.D. (1971) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Interests

Violence, Methodology and Statistics, Structural Factors, Measurement

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