School of Criminal Justice Online Course Offerings

Undergraduate Online Courses

The following online courses are offered at the undergraduate level. Please check the University Schedule of Classes for course availability according to semester or session.

RCRJ 201 Introduction to the Criminal Justice Process (3)

RCRJ 202 Introduction to Law and Criminal Justice (4)

RCRJ 203 Criminology (3) (Cross-listed with ASOC 203)

RCRJ 210 Policies of Crime in Heterogeneous Societies (3)

RCRJ 281 Introduction to Statistics in Criminal Justice (3)

RCRJ 282 Intro. to Research Design in Criminal Justice (3)

RCRJ 302 Punishment and Corrections (3)

RCRJ 308 Juvenile Justice Administration (3)

RCRJ 351 Policing in a Free Society (3)

RCRJ 353 American Criminal Courts (3)

RCRJ 401 Crime Deviation and Conformity (3)

RCRJ 408 Ideology and Crime (3)

RCRJ 412Z Incarceration (4)

RCRJ 413 Victims of Crime (3)

RCRJ 418 Information Use and Misuse in Criminal Justice (3)


RCRJ 399  Introduction to Problem Oriented Policing

RCRJ 399 Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers (1)

RCRJ 399 Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers (2)

RCRJ 399 Policing Terrorism

RCRJ 404 Crime and Mass Media (In development)

RCRJ 393 Crime Mapping (In development)

RCRJ 424 Criminal Procedural Law (In development)

RCRJ 4XX Contemporary legal issues in Criminal Justice (In development)

Online Major/Minor

Currently, a fully online major or minor is not available, but we are working on it.

Graduate Online Courses

A number of the above undergraduate courses are also offered at the graduate level from time to time. Current online graduate courses include:

RCRJ 592 Data Utilization in Criminal Justice I (3)