Careers in Criminal Justice

Now that you know you want a career in criminal justice it is important to learn what career paths are available! With your degree in criminal justice you will be qualified to pursue careers in research, law enforcement, government, and private agencies. You may also want to consider graduate or law school as your next step. The School of Criminal Justice has compiled this information to help you as you prepare for your continued engagement into the criminal justice field!

Career Options
To learn about various career options and what types of employment are available in the Criminal Justice field, check out the links below. You can learn about hundreds of job opportunities and career paths!

Graduate School
If you are considering Graduate School, you should definitely check out the following links which discuss the pros and cons of graduate education in criminal justice. If you think grad school might be for you - check it out!

Considering Law School?
If so, you should take a few minutes and review the following sites and information!

Getting on the Market
Suggestions about Resumes and Cover Letters

Remember - the very first thing a potential employer sees when you apply is your resume and cover letter. You have about 3 minutes of their time to make a big impression! In order to make the most of those three minutes, you should take some time and review the links below. There is very valuable information about the best ways to present yourself and pursue the ideal job when you are "on the market"!

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