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Last Name
Dissertation Title
Timothy Ireland Elaborated Strain Theory:  Building and Testing an Individual-Level Theory of Delinquent Behavior
Jean Jester An Analysis of the Relationship Between Technology and Organizational Structure
Rose Jochnowitz Macrosocioeconomic Variables and Their Relationship to crime Rates in Eleven Industrialized Nations
Robert Johnson Ethnic and Cultural Patterns of Susceptibility to Self-Injury Breakdowns in Confinement
Joseph Jones Non-Violent Models in Violent Communities:  An Exploration of the Crime-Preventive Role of Christian Community Development Organizations in African/American Communities.
David Jones The Dangerousness of Imprisonment
Robert Kaminski An Opportunity Model of Police Homicide Victimization
N.H.A. Karunaratne Transnational Corporate Deviance:  Towards a Transnational Solution
Janet Katz An Empirical Examination of the Relationship Between Attitudes and Decisions of Probation Officers
Jeanne Kaufman Childhood Victimization and Multiple Problem Behaviors in Adolescence
Lutakome (Andrew) Kayiira Violence in Kondosim:  The Rise and Nature of Violent Crime in Uganda
Gary Keveles Bargained Justice in the Military:  A Study of Practices and Outcomes in the U.S. Army, Europe
Christopher Kierkus Bad Influences? Developing an Understanding of the Link Between Opposite Sex Relationships and Delinquency, During the Adolescent Developmental Period.
MoonSun Kim Reassessing The Effects of Police Manpower Changes on Crime Rates: Evidence From A Dynamic Panel Model
John Klofas Enriching the Role of the Prison Guard:  An Exploration of Human Service Orientation Among Correctional Officers
Paul Kolmetz The Relation Between Learning Disabilities and Juvenile Delinquency
Joseph B. Kuhns, III Assessing the Relationship Between Drug Use and Serious Violence: A Multi-Causal Approach
Wendy Kwalwasser Residents of a Shelter for Battered Women:  A Comparative Analysis With Other Populations of Battered Women and Follow-Up Study of Former Residents
Eric G. Lambert A Path Analysis of the Antecedents and Consequences of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Among Correctional Staff
Robert Langworthy Formal Structure of Municipal Police Organizations
Charles Lanier The Role of Experts and Other Witnesses in Capital Penalty Hearings: The Views of Jurors Charged with Determining 'the Simple Sentence of Death'
John Laub Criminal Behavior and the Urban-Rural Dimension
Thomas LeBel "Invisible Stripes? Formerly Incarcerated Persons Perceptions of and Responses to Stigma"
Richard Legault An Analysis of the Trends and Measurement of Household Gun Ownership in the General Social Surveys 1976-2000: A Logistic Time Series Approach.
Michael Lieber A Comparison of Prereform and Postreform Civil Commitment Practices in Dane County, Wisconsin
Daniel Lockwood Sexual Aggression Among Male Prisoners
Lucien Lombardo The Correction Officer:  A Study of a Criminal Justice Worker in His Work Place
Sandra Longtin Motivations for Gun Carrying Among Juvenile Offenders in Quebec: A Focus on the Dimensions of Race and Language
David Lynch The Economic Determinants of the Punishment Response:  The Extraction of Surplus Value, Capital Accumulation, and the Use of Imprisonment in the United States, 1950-1980
Michael Lynch The Economic Determinants of the Punishment Response:  The Extraction of Surplus Value, Capital Accumulation, and the Use of Imprisonment in the United States, 1950-1980
Edward R. Maguire Context, Complexity and Control in Large Municipal Police Organizations
Kathleen Maguire Prison Industry:  The Effect of Participation on Inmate Disciplinary Adjustment
JoAnne Malatesta Exploring the Effects of the Internet Environment on Online Sexual Deviance
Mona Margarita Criminal Violence Against Police
Robert Martin Crime and the Dual Labor Market: The Relationship of Employment Quality and Adult Criminality.
Dennis McCarty The Scope and Impact of Mental Health Programming—Local Adult Correctional Facilities:  Current Practices and Implications for theFuture
Dorothy McClellan The New York State Insanity Defense Reform Act of 1980:  Impact and Prospects
John McCluskey Coercion, Procedural Justice, and Compliance in Police-Citizen Encounters
Cynthia Perez- McCluskey Strain Theory and Latino Delinquency:  The Applicability of a Theoretical Model Across Ethnic Groups
Paul McCold The Role of Fiscal Policy in Producing Prison Population Dynamics: A Trend Analysis and Dynamic Simulation of Felony Offender Processing in New York State
Mary Joan McDermott The Criminal Behavior of Juveniles and Adults:  Comparisons Within Crime Categories
Judith A. McDonald Appellate and Collateral Review of Death Penalty Cases in the Post-Furman Era
Edmund McGarrell Change in New York's Juvenile Corrections System:  A Study of Policy Formation and System Change
Sarah J. McLean Rural Magistrates:  An Exploratory Study of Decision Marking in Partner Violence Cases
Maureen McLeod The Nature and Prosecution of Spouse Abuse
Robert Mealia Background Factors and Police Performance
Jeffrey Mellow The Development and Validation of a Questionnaire to Measure Ethnicity:  Targeted for Legal, Security, Programming, and Reporting Purposes with Prison Populations
John Meyer The Nature and Investigation of Police Offenses in the New York City Police Department
Brenda Miller Illegal Drug Use Among Women in Detention
Dragon Milovanovic Weberian and Marxist Analysis of Law:  Development and Functions of Law in a Capitalist Mode of Production
Leonard Morgenbesser The Sergeant in Corrections
Kenneth Mullen The Computerization of Law Enforcement:  A Diffusion of Innovation Study
Stephanie Myers Police Encounters With Juvenile Suspects:  Explaining the Use of Authority and Provision of Support
Mahesh Nalla Comparative Social Control of the Police, Social Welfare and the IRS Bureaucracies:  A Test of Consensus/Conflict Perspectives
Anita Neuberger Alternative Conceptualizations For Analyzing Prosecutorial Charging Decisions
Joan Nuffield The Allocation of Sentencing Power in New York State, 1964-1970
Michael O'Neill The Role of the Police—Normative Role Expectation in a Metropolitan Police Department
William Oliver Violent Confrontations Between Black Males in Bars and Bar Setting
Eugene Paoline Attitudes of Police:  Implications for Police Culture
J.A. Henry Paquin Characteristics of Youngsters Referred to Family Court Intake and Factors Related to Their Processing
Nicolette Parisi The Nature, Use, and Impact of the Split Sentence in the Federal Jurisdiction
Mary Kathryn Parks Coping in Alien Territory:  Corrections Officers in the AIDS Ward
David Parry Alaska Natives, Juvenile Delinquency and “Bush Justice”
Bernie L. Patterson A Comparative Analysis of Job Stress Among Police, Correctional and Probation/Parole Officers
Terrylynn Pearlman An Exploration of Citizen Opinion on Bias Crime
Suzanne Perumean-Chaney Fighting Back:  Victim Weapon Use and Subsequent Assault and Injury
Scott Phillips Police Officer Decision-making in Domestic Violence Incidents: A Factorial Explanation of the Influence of Legal and Reasonable Cause Situational Factors on the Arrest and the Criminal Charge Decision
Wendy Pogorzelski Managing the Politics of Public Defense
Jocelyn Pollock Correctional Officers' Perceptions of Male and Female Inmates
Carl Pope Dimensions of Burglary:  An Empirical Examination of Offense and Offender Characteristics
William Pridemore Social Structure and Homicide in Post-Soviet Russia