Alumni Dissertations - Q to Z

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Dissertation Title
Brian C. Renauer Why Get Involved?  Examining the Motivational, Identity, and Ideological Aspects of Resident Involvement in Place-Based Organizations
Marc Renzema Coping with Freedom:  A Study of Psychological Stress and Support in the Prison-to-Parole Transition
Philip Rhoades An Analysis of the Child Protective System in New York State
Craig Rivera The Effects of Adolescent Delinquency and Drug Use on Early Adult Employment:  An Analysis of Developmental Trajectories
Mark Robarge The Development and Application of the Baysian Decision-Making Model to Judicial Sentencing
Barbara Rockell Street Women of Rochester, New York: Who They Are as Women, Offenders, and Survivors
Belinda Rodgers Inmate Response to the Home Furlough Program:  The Reactions of Female Offenders to Temporary Release from Incarceration
Robert Rogers The Effects of Education Level on Correction Officer Job Satisfaction
Thomas Roscoe Driving and Resisting Forces in Rationalizing Probation:  A Case Study of Probation in New York State
Jill Rosenbaum Sex Differences in Delinquent Behavior:  A Control Theory Explanation
Edward Ryan A Study of Conflict Resolution in the Criminal Justice System: Police and Probation
Robert Sampson The Neighborhood Context of Criminal Victimization
Joseph Sanborn Plea Negotiation in Juvenile Court
Amie M. Schuck Understanding the Role of Neighborhood in the Long-Term Criminal Consequences of Childhood Maltreatment
Paul Schupp Legitimation Crisis & Penal Severity: Constructing a Radical Theoretical Explanation of Legitimation Crisis & Mass Incarceration in the Post World War II United States
Jason Scott Police-Community Coproduction and Neighborhood Social Organization
John Seymour Niches in Prison:  Ameliorative Environments Within Maximum Security Correctional Institutions
Richard D. (Lew) Shaw The Jail/Prison Ministry and Stress
Robin L. Shepard Street Level Supervision: Styles of Patrol Supervisors and Their Effects on Patrol Officer Behavior
Cheun Him Sheu Assimilation, Adaptation and Juvenile Delinquency Among Chinese Youths in New York Chinatown
Hyun Joo Shin Analysis of Charge Reduction and Its Outcomes
Larry Siegel The Effect of Juvenile Justice Processing on the Self-Labeling of Juvenile Offenders
Thomas Slater The Impact of the Alternatives to Incarceration Legislation on Local Criminal Justice Networks in New York State
Leta Smith Chronically Readmitted Inmates at the Central New York Psychiatric Center A State Forensic Hospital:  Profile and Analysis
Tony Smith Delinquency and FamilyLife:  The Role of Ethnicity and Environment
Carolyn Smith Delinquency and Family Life:  The Role of Ethnicity and Environment
Jeffrey Snipes Police Response to Citizen Requests for Assistance:  An Assessment of Deservedness, Workload, Social Status and Officer Predisposition Perspectives.
James Sobol Social Ecology and the Vigor of Police Response: An Empirical Study of Contexts, Work Norms and Patrol Officer Behavior
Richard Spano Potential Sources of Observer Bias in Observational Studies of Police
Paul Stageberg A Re-Examination of the Impact of the Des Moines Project on Offender Case Processing and the Justice System in Polk County, Iowa
Gerald Stowell Variations in Criminal Careers:  An Analysis of the Criminal Behavior Patterns of Persons Designated Career Criminals
Dennis Sullivan The Punishment of Crime in the Upper Hudson Valley 1648-1685 From Dutch Jurisprudence to English Rule
Ivan (YihShyan) Sun Police Field Training Officers (FTOs): Their Attitudes and Behaviors
Hung-En Sung The Fragmentation of Policing in America: Toward and Ecological Theory of Police-Citizen Relations
Lester Paul Sutton Criminal Sentencing:  An Empirical Analysis of Variations in Sentences Imposed in Federal District Courts
James M. Tesoriero A Longitudinal Study of Weapon Ownership and Use Among Inner-City Youth
Lawrence Travis Recent Sentencing Reforms in the United States:  An Examination of Change in the Justice Process
William Trigg The Police and Vandalism
Carol Trilling Homicide and Publicity:  A View from the Deterrence Perspective
Shu-Ping Tzeng An Examination of Gender-Specific Effects in the Reciprocal Relationships between Parenting and Delinquency
Craig Uchida Controlling Police Use of Deadly Force:  Organizational Changes in Los Angeles
David Van Buren Rural Justice:  A Study of Decision-Making in the Middle Stages of the Criminal Process in Selected Rural Communities of Wisconsin
Patricia Van Voorhis The Effects of Moral Development on Restitution Outcome and Offender Assessments of Restitution
Julius Wachtel Police Undercover Work:  Issues and Practices
Marilyn Walsh Criminal Receiving of Stolen Property:  A Study of the Fence and How He Operates
Yumin (Robert) Wang Work Design and Job Satisfaction in Community Policing
Michael Weiss Toward an Understanding of Public Defender Motivations
Norman A. White Getting Derailed: Toward a Developmental Understanding of the Relationship Between School Failure and Delinquency
John Whitehead Burnout Among Probation and Parole Workers
William Wilbanks The Insertion/Diversion Decision at the Juvenile Police Level
Kam C. Wong The Behavior of Ding Dynasty Speech Crime Law in China: A Cross-Cultural Application of Black's Theory of Law.
Min Xie Residential Mobility and Household Victimization: Housing as a Vital Environment for Living
Shu-Lung Yang Juvenile Delinquency in a Transitional Chinese Society:  An Assessment of a Social Disorganization Model in Capital Taipei
Vernetta Young Patterns of FemaleCriminality
Marvin Zalman The Distribution of Power in Sentencing:  A Policy Analysis
Sherwood (Chris) Zimmerman Sentencing Councils:  A Study by Simulation