Alumni Dissertations

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Dissertation Title
James Acker The Supreme Court's Use of Social Science Research Evidence in Criminal Cases
Kenneth Adams Prison Mental Health Services:  An Empirical Study of the Service Delivery System in Two New York State Prisons
Lynn A. Addington The Columbine Effect: The Impact of Violent School Crime on Students' Fear of Victimization
Edward Allan Policing by Injunction:  Problem-Oriented Dimensions of Civil Gang Abatement in the State of California
Alexis Aronowitz Assimilation, Acculturation,and Juvenile Delinquency Among Second Generation Turkish Youth in Berlin, West Germany
David Aziz The Circumstances Surrounding Prison Disturbances
Frankie Bailey Boundary Maintenance, Interest, Group Conflict, and Black Justice in Danville, Virginia, 1900-1930
Philip Baridon Opiate Addiction and Crime
Michael Barker American Indian Tribal Policies: An Overview and Case Study
Anne Bartol Competency to Stand Trial in Three District Courts
Thomas Bernard Consensus, Conflict and Criminology
Gretchen Bickerstaff Letting the Cat Out of the Bag: An Exploration of Animal Abuse and Animal Abusers
Donna Bishop Deterrence and Social Control: A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Sanctioning and Social Bonding on the Prevention of Delinquency
Beth Bjerregaard The Etiology of Gang Membership: A Test of an Elaborated Social Control Theory
Mark Blumberg The Use of Firearms by Police Officers: The Impact of Individuals, Communities and Race
Adam C. Bouloukos Human Rights Conformity: An Ideal Type Analysis of Prisoners' Rights in the United States and England
Catherine Bragg Preventive Detention as a Means of Social Control
Pauline Katherine Brennan The Likelihood of Incarceration in New York City: An Analysis of Cases for Black, White, and Hispanic Females Sentenced at Criminal Court Arraignment
Thomas Brewer Don't Kill My Friend: The Attorney-Client Relationship in Capital Cases and Its Effect on Jury Receptivity to Mitigation Evidence
David C. Brody The Interaction of Jury Nullification and Abortion Attitudes: Measuring the Effects of a Nullification Instructor on Juror Behavior Using the Trial Simulation Paradigm
Edward Brown The Correlates and Consequences of the Payment of Restitution
Karen Casey The Effect of Visitation on the Disciplinary Adjustment of Incarcerated Females
Elizabeth Cass The Effects of Interviewer Demographic Characteristics on Self-Report Delinquency: A Neglected Area of Methodological Concern
Thomas Castellano The Development and Implementation of New York's 1980 Gun Law: A Normative Perspective
Susan Caufield An Extension and Refinement of Hirschi's Social Control Theory: Analyzing Interactions Among the Elements of the Social Bond
Catherine Cerulli “Does Intimacy Provide Leniency from the Law?” A study of Ohio Criminal Homicide Cases Involving Different Victim-Offender Relationships.
Marilyn Chandler New York State's Youthful Offender Statutes:  An Empirical Investigation of Their Theoretical Basis and Their Operation
William Chapman Delinquency Theory and Attachment to Peers
Deborah Chard-Wierschem In Pursuit of the “True” Relationship: A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Religiosity on Delinquency and Substance Use
Jorge Chavez An Examination of Race/Ethnicity Differences in Depression and Violence As Consequences of Childhood Maltreatment
Steven Chermak Interested by Standers: An Examination of the Presentation of CrimeVictims In the News Media and How Their Involvement in the News Production Process Affects the Final News Product
Johnna Christian Exploring the Effects of Incarceration on Communities
Keith (Scott) Christianson The American Experience of Imprisonment, 1607-1776
Rebekah Chu Family Dysfunction and Co-occurring Depressive Symptoms and Conduct Problems: Understanding Pathways of Risk Across Generations
Chyun Fang Chu Religiosity As Social Capital—In the Explanation of Desistance From Crime
Richard Clark Companions in Crime:  An Analysis of Co-Offending Among Juveniles
David Clark An Analysis of Guardian Effectiveness in the Prevention of Residential Burglary
Todd Clear The Specification of Behavioral Objectives in Probation Supervision
Debra Cohen The Development and Utilization of a Work Orientation Typology for the Study of Public Defender Job Satisfaction
Toni Colling Assessing the Needs of Adult Residents in Shelters for Battered Women
Colleen Cosgrove Methodological and Policy Issues Involved in the Development of Parole Decision-Making Guidelines
Michael Cretacci Religion and Social Control Theory:  An Expansion of Hirschi's Social Bond
Elizabeth Croft Police Use of Force:  An Empirical Analysis
John Culley Height Standards and Policing Rationale or Rationalization
W. Scott Cunningham Assessing Participatory Evaluation Processes and Outcomes in Juvenile Treatment Facilities
Victoria DeRosia The Prison Adjustment of Advantaged Offenders
Bruce DiCristina The Art of Criminology: Towards the Diversification of Criminological Thought
Carol DiMambro Why and How Correctional Education Works: Academic Success and Recidivism among Participants in Post-Secondary Correctional Education
Clifford Dorne Cruelty to Children or the Battered Child Syndrome?  A History of Child Maltreatment Adjudication in Louisiana.
David Duffee Correctional Policy, Managerial Style, and Their Relationship to the Organizational Climate in a Minimum Security Prison
Christopher Dunn The Analysis of Environmental Attribute/Crime Incident Characteristic Interrelationship
John A. Eterno Deciphering Legal Decisionson the Street: A Case Study of the New York City Police Department
Lynette Feder The Community Adjustment of Mentally Disordered Offenders
Adriana Fernandez-Lanier Crime in the Ivory Tower
William Feyerherm The Interrelationship of Various Indicators of Crime
Mary Ann Finn The Prison Adjustment of Mentally Retarded Inmates
Michael Fischer Reform Through Community: Resocializing Offenders in the Kibbutz
Timothy Flanagan Long-Term Prisoners – A Study of the Characteristics, Institutional Experience and Perspectives of Long-Term Inmates in State Correctional Facilities
Jamie Flexon Cognitive Predisposition to Prejudice and Discrimination on Capital Juries: Can Race be Ignored in the Jury Room?
Gail Flint The Diagnosis Antisocial Personality As It is Applied to Inmates
Reginald Fluellen Interaction Among Community Policing, Community Prosecution and Community Courts: A Study of Portland's Community Initiative
James Fox Self-Imposed Stigmata: A Study of Tattooing Among Female Inmates
Nancy Frank From Criminal Law to Regulation: Historical Analysis of Health and Safety Law
Naomi Freeman The Public Safety Impact of Community Notification Laws: Re-Arrest of Convicted Sex Offenders
Joshua Freilich Mobilizing Militias: Examining State Level Correlates of Militia Organizations and Activities
James Fyfe Shots Fired: An Examination of New York City Police Firearms Discharges
James Garofalo Social Stratification and Criminal Victimization
Arthur Gelman Sentencing Hearings: Theory and Practice
Kenneth Gewerth The Decision to Charge Older and Younger Offenders: A comparison of Prosecutors and Students
John Gibbs Stress and Self-Injury in Jail
John Goldkamp Bail Decision-Making and the Role of Pre-Trial Detention in American Criminal Justice System
Michael Gottfredson The Classification of Crimes and Victims
Martin Gottschalk Evolution and the Sociology of Punishment
Alice Green Case Studies of the Impact of Separation Due to Incarceration of Black Families
Pamala Griset The Rise and Fall of the Determinate Ideal in New York State
Walter Grove Re-Structuring Criminological Theory: A Dissertation on Hegel, Marx, and Crime
Nicole Hahn The Defective Delinquency Movement: A History of the Born Criminal in New York State, 1850-1966
Donna Hall Cross-Sectional Survey study of the Nature and Causes of Job Satisfaction and Burnout—Public Defense Attorneys in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts
Alan Harland An Empirical Examination of Criminal Restitution in Law and Practice
Talia Roitberg Harmon Overturned Convictions in Capital Cases: A Comparison Between Inmates Released from Death Row Because of Doubts of Their Guilt and Those Who Were Executed
Christopher Harris Police Misconduct Careers: Lessons from a Developmental Perspective
Philip Harris The Interpersonal Maturity of Delinquents and Non-Delinquents
William Head The Hostage Response: An Examination of U.S. Law Enforcement Practices Concerning Hostage Incidents
Kathleen Heide Classification of Offenders Ordered to Make Restitution by I-Level and Specific Personality
P. Nicole Hendrix Unlocked and Loaded: The Accessible Storage of American Firearms
David Hirschel Searching for Reasonable Protection of Fourth Amendment Rights: The Exclusionary Rule and Its Alternatives
Ellen Hochstedler Police Types: An Empirical Test of a Typology of Individual Police Officers
Peter Hoffman Parole Selection Practice: Two Feedback Methods
John Hoffmann Family Structure, Family Relationships, and Adolescent Drug Use: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination
Gregory C. Howard The Social Career of Environmentalism: Earth Day, Environmental Problems, and Images of Proper Behavior in the Information Age