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Alan Lizotte

Alan Lizotte
Distinguished Professor

Education: Ph.D. (1979) University of Illinois

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Research Interests:

Alan Lizotte’s research interests include guns and gun control, the correlates and causes of juvenile delinquency over the life course, and policy health issues for clients of the criminal justice system. He is co-principal investigator on the Rochester Youth Development Study (RYDS). In 2003, he and his RYDS colleagues won the American Society of Criminology’s Hindelang Award for the Most Outstanding Contribution to Research in Criminology. Recent publications include:

  • Krohn, Marvin D. Lizotte, Alan J. Phillips Matthew D. Thornberry, Terence P. and Bell, Kristin A. Forthcoming. “Explaining systematic bias in self-reported measures: Factors that affect the under- and over-reporting self-reported arrests.” Justice Quarterly.
  • Lizotte, Alan J., Mathew D. Phillips, Marvin D. Krohn, Terence P. Thornberry, and Shawn D. Bushway. 2013. “Like parent like child? The role of delayed childrearing in breaking the link between parents’ offending and their children’s antisocial behavior.” Justice Quarterly.
  • Bushway, Shawn D., Marvin D. Krohn, Alan J. Lizotte, Matthew D. Phillips, and Nicole M. Schmidt. 2013. “Are risky youth less protectable as they age? The dynamics of protection during adolescence and young adulthood.” Justice Quarterly 30(1): 84-116.
  • Lopes, Giza, Marvin D. Krohn, Alan J. Lizotte, Nicole M. Schmidt, Bob Edward Vasquez, and Jón Gunnar Bernburg. 2012. “Labeling and cumulative disadvantage: The impact of formal police intervention on life chances and crime during emerging adulthood.” Crime and Delinquency 58(3): 456-488.
  • Kurlychek, Megan C., Marvin D. Krohn, Beidi Dong, Gina Penly Hall, and Alan J. Lizotte. 2012. “Protection from risk: An exploration of when and how neighborhood-level factors can reduce violent youth outcomes.” Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 10:83-106.
  • Krohn, Marvin D., Terence P. Thornberry, Kristin A. Bell, Alan J. Lizotte, and Matthew D. Phillips. 2012. “Self-report surveys within longitudinal panel designs.” Pp. 23-35 in David Gadd, Susanne Karstedt, and Steven F. Messner (eds.) The Sage Handbook of Criminological Research Methods. London: Sage Publications.
  • Krohn, Marvin D., Jeffrey Ward, Terence P. Thornberry, Alan J. Lizotte, and Rebecca Chu. 2011. “The cascading effects of adolescent gang membership across the life-course.” Criminology 49(4):991-1028.