About the School of Criminal Justice

The School of Criminal Justice is concerned with the study of all aspects of crime and societal reactions to crime.

We examine political, economic and cultural patterns that shape definitions of crime and influence the policy choices about how to respond to certain categories of crime. We also study social and personal forces that lead to criminal conduct, and we analyze the organization and operation of crime control systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the interactions among the many agencies which comprise criminal justice systems and on the relationships between these systems and other facets of society.

Since its inception, the School has been interdisciplinary in its approach. Our graduates have been highly successful in academic and in practice positions. Graduates find opportunities in the expanding academic field of criminal justice research and teaching, all the operating agencies of criminal justice, in the many private and non-profit organizations which provide services or make policy recommendations.

The School of Criminal Justice is located in Draper Hall on the University's Downtown Campus.

Visting The School

For information about scheduling a visit to the University at Albany, we encourage you to go to our visitor site. This site contains information about orientation and tours as well as directions to the various campuses. If you are an undergraduate student intending to major in Criminal Justice, you should first take the uptown tour and orientation session to familiarize yourself with the main campus before considering a trip downtown.

If you are interested in visiting the School of Criminal Justice specifically, please contact us at 442-5210 and we will assist you in scheduling a visit to the downtown campus.

If would like to visit, view directions to the downtown campus.