Examining Wrongful Convictions

Stepping Back, Moving Forward

Edited by:
Allison D. Redlich
James R. Acker
Robert J. Norris
Catherine L. Bonventre

In Examining Wrongful Convictions: Stepping Back, Moving Forward, the premise is that much can be learned by “stepping back” from the focus on the direct causes of wrongful convictions and examining criminal justice systems, and the sociopolitical environments in which they operate. Expert scholars examine the underlying individual, systemic, and social or structural conditions that may help precipitate and sustain wrongful convictions, thereby “moving forward” the related scholarship.

Albany Law Review

Annual Miscarriages of Justice Issue


For the past five years, the Albany Law Review and the School of Criminal Justice at the University at Albany have enjoyed a very successful collaboration resulting in an annual issue of the law review dedicated to miscarriages of justice. The 6th issue, to be published in Summer 2016, concerns Elephants in the Courtroom, including racial issues, guilty pleas, misdemeanors, and data/methodological constraints, as well as other understudied topics.