Three IFW Awards Go to SCJ Students

Haemi Won, Dean Alan Lizotte, and Reveka Shteynberg celebrate after the IFW Award presentations.
(Not pictured: Megan Denver)

School of Criminal Justice students have a very successful history when it comes to the University's Initiatives for Women Awards, and this year is no exception. Doctoral students Megan Denver, Reveka Shteynberg and Haemi Won received awards from the Karen R. Hitchcock New Frontiers Fund. The Hitchcock New Frontiers Fund supports doctoral-level women students who show great promise of making a positive, transformational difference in our society. Megan, Reveka and Haemi will use their award funds to defray costs related to ongoing research projects.

One component of Megan Denver's dissertation focuses on understanding employment appeals processes, where individuals with criminal history records are able to submit evidence of rehabilitation to a potential employer after an initial negative criminal background check decision. The IFW award will enable her to collect qualitative data from advocates and individuals with criminal records to better understand this issue in New York State. Megan was unable to attend the IFW celebration, because she was attending Northwestern's Causal Inference Workshop.

Reveka Shteynberg's research examines gender differences in students' perceptions of sexual consent and the practical applications of recent sexual consent policies, otherwise referred to as "Yes means Yes" "Active Consent" and "Affirmative Consent" policies. Reveka is entering her fifth year in the doctoral program.

Reveka Shteynberg is congratulated by Provost James Stellar.

Haemi Won just completed her first year of doctoral study. Her research focuses on policing and police reform, with particular emphasis on the role and treatment of women in policing.



Provost James Stellar congratulates Haemi Won.