School Psychology Program Resources

The University, School of Education, Department of Educational Psychology and Statistics, and the Program maintain a number of resources for training. These include the University library, the campus and School computer facilities, Department Test Library, and Program materials, as well as equipment available through campus and other sources.


The University Library houses an extensive collection of materials and technical services. The collection includes nearly 2 million items (books, journals, government documents, microfilm resources, and other media). In addition to an array of books and journals relevant to school psychology, the library provides an on-line catalog and CD-ROM data bases (e.g., ERIC, PsychLit, Medline), as well as an interactive media center (with DOS and Macintosh operating systems).

Computer facilities

The School of Education maintains the Computing Facility which provides supportive and consultative services to the faculty, staff, and students of the School. The Computing facility is staffed by a full-time director and four graduate assistants, and is open 60 hours a week. The Computing Facility is connected to the University's Ethernet backbone, which provides high speed access to the University Library's on-line catalog and databases, the University's mainframe computer (a UNIX cluster), and to the Internet and the World Wide Web. The facility has two computer classrooms, one with Windows 98-based Pentium III machines, and the other with Macintosh microcomputers, providing users with a mixed platform environment to better meet their computing needs (class or individual use). In addition, there is a laser printer available for high quality printing of text and graphics, two scanners for digitizing text and graphics, and two data projection systems for the display of data and video output. In addition, facilities similar to the School facility are available at a number of locations across the campus, and all computing facilities and on-line time are available free of charge to both faculty and students. Each faculty office is equipped with a computer and printer, and with direct connection to the University mainframe and to the World Wide Web.

Test Library

The Department maintains a facility that provides instructional and research materials to students and faculty. In addition to maintaining a collection of individual and group tests, this library also provides access to test reviews, measurement reference books, and textbooks.

Program resources

The Program also maintains a collection of assessment materials that are available to students completing courses and field training experiences. The Program updates these materials periodically to ensure students and faculty have available current versions of published measures.

University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center provides short-term psychotherapy, psychological assessment, and/or referral. The Center has a focus on sexual assault prevention. In addition, alcohol/drug and AIDS prevention services are available.

University at Albany Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is a student-run group that creates programs designed to facilitate and enhance the academic and extracurricular experience of graduate students at the University at Albany. The programs and services offered by the GSO are funded by the graduate student activity fee that appears on your tuition bill; you pay the fee, you are a member and entitled to all the privileges of being a member. Programs and services include: grants (for research and travel), multicultural committee, and social issues committee.

Office of Affirmative Action

The Office of Affirmative Action maintains an informal complaint and a formal grievance process for allegations of illegal discrimination (including sexual harassment), and assists the campus community in its efforts to increase and support diversity. The staff maintains a cadre of volunteers who act as resource persons on the topic of sexual harassment.