School Psychology Application Procedure


In addition to general university requirements for admission to study in a graduate program, the student's undergraduate major should include at least 12 credit hours in psychology (appropriate courses in educational psychology are applicable) including experimental psychology and quantitative methods (appropriate courses in mathematics or measurement are applicable). Applicants with preparation in other appropriate fields or who lack some of the prerequisite courses may be considered under the condition that deficiencies are made up in addition to the degree program requirements. Deficiencies must be completed prior to beginning the school psychology graduate program.

Application Process

Applications may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Admissions or from the web. Completed applications include:

application form
application fee
copies of previous transcripts [all graduate and undergraduate transcripts]
GRE score reports [verbal, quantitative, and writing] NOTE: THE GRE SUBJECT TEST IN PSYCHOLOGY IS NOT REQUIRED
three letters of reference
personal statement regarding goals and objectives for graduate study in school psychology)


Application packets are returned to the Office of Graduate Admissions.The deadline for receipt of PsyD applications in January 2. The deadline for receipt of CAS applications is January 30.

The faculty review applications and the following criteria are evaluated:

academic preparation (undergraduate and graduate grade point averages)
GRE scores (Verbal, Quantitative, and Writing)
letters of recommendation
goals and objectives for graduate study in school psychology


In addition, the applications are reviewed for evidence of scholarly potential and relevant research and employment experiences. A select number of applicants will be called for interviews after initial screening. Interviews are typically conducted in February.

The Division faculty select those candidates that will be offered admission. Although there is a maximum number of candidates who can be admitted, only applicants that meet the high professional and personal standards of the program and who show promise of completing the rigorous requirements of the degrees are selected.