2018 - 2019 Student Senators

The Student Association Senate is comprised of Student Senators elected from the various
living areas of the University at Albany by their residents and Student Senators elected at-large
by the entire student body. The number of Student Senators is based upon the total number of
undergraduate students as well as the population of the various living areas. A reapportionment
is done each year to ensure that all students are properly represented...

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At-Large - Indian - State - Colonial - Dutch
Alumni - Empire - Freedom - Liberty - Off Campus

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Applied/Natural Sciences - Business/Management
Humanities - Law/Government - Social Sciences - First Year Students

Alline Alvarez
Chloe Anne Blaise
Sean Correia
Nick Gonzalez
Alexia Holden
Logan Losito
Tiffany Osei
Max Sevor
Kelly Zelaya

Indian Quad
Samuel Salazar
Nicholas Chin

State Quad
Zachary Constantine
Abdoullah Goudiaby

Colonial Quad
Halimatou Diallo
Sierra Whitney

Dutch Quad
Imade Omozore
Cheyanne Crump

Alumni Quad
Sabra Simon

Empire Commons
Lisbeth Valdez
Nicholas Strock

Jonathan Cintron

Liberty Terrace
Tony Kelly

Off Campus
Anderson Solanno
Danielle Despaigne
Elizabeth Dutcher
Mitchell Hura
Owen Howard
Dillion Asmus
Cara Berkey
Phillip O'Meara

Applied/Natural Sciences
Nadia Naoum
Morgan Eldridge

Business and Management
Jeffery Shapiro
Jack O'Connell

Dylan Marshall
Amber Swinden

Law and Government
Subha Tasnim
Brandon Holdridge

Social Sciences
Brianna Dominguez
Picard Gabrielle

First Year Students
Kamoni Reese
Ivan Kristhiane Daquial